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Sick and Road Blocks

November 16, 2006 Thursday 
I take a screen shot of one of my Road Blocks towards 
compiling the blender source.

I'm very motivated to keep working until I have a version compiled all
on my system.... Someday.

1:45 PM The Evolution of Software I've noticed the trend of computer languages is ever increasingly becoming like natural languages. Given, the Open Source license and perhaps better more long lived software engineering methods it's possible that after a couple of hundreds years are computers may be have much more sentiently without anyone really setting out to make them that way. The Evolution of Society It's possible that if societies continue to exist and the human race does not self-destruct that a process of natural selection will ultimately favor the most efficient society. What will that one look like? How will that one manage? ... My Thoart hurts and I continue to not sleep very well. I had to unplug my phone so that I wouldn't be interrupted. It was a good idea. I didn't even lose the messages that were on it. Now I know the phone keeps the messages even without power. ... 2:40 PM One can chose to matter GE wise. The way I had written up the ideas during my Art class in the summer. The extra effort put into the final physics. 4:54 PM finally, I'm back indoors in the warmth and comfort of my room. I was forced to go out to buy food and in the process I posted my poster up in the Art Hall. the series of events was strange. I did happen to see Powell taking with people. I saw Lizzie and Platypus. Argh. Need sleep. Should I unplug the phone again?
Letter to Philosophy Teacher 6:21 PM
Hello John, this is Chris B Stones I was in your Intro to Phil class last spring and in the summer Phil. of Sex and Love during the summer. I'm presently in a polical science class group project where the goal is to decide unaminously on princples to build a utopia on. I do not believe a lot of these people have been in philosophy before. So, I do not think any of them reconized my tactics. I've found out very vividly that questioning someone's strongly held beliefs really gets people mad, as I managed to become most hated in the group for asking questions and trying to get people to support their arguments. I think I see why philosophy is important. Only, I think that term got mixed up with the idea of airy out of place, off world thinking that ultily sounds meaninglous. As I live through this example of application in action I take note that it's a very good thing to have a philosophy background.... but not to say the word philosophy when argueing in an 8 person group project where 7 out of 8 of the group can't stand my presence. -chris
There was editing. But it was editing more with sound and then jumping to different os's and windows. It's a good start at the sort of tutorials that are watchable. He had applause too. And then he gave homework. When will the olimpic version of this come out. Pen Flipping 8:18 PM I guess I was going about compiling the wrong way. I need to start over and research blenders build process in a non xcode sort of way. 9:20 PM 1,606/7 230 dollars per course apparently. That would mean the relative cost for the rest of my classes is... 230ish times 6 or 1380ish Room and Board total in at 750 for 18 months or 13,500 Which means the total cost for both 14880 It goes without saying that I should be doing everything in my power to pay for Room and Board. Considering the academic price is only 10% of the overal cost to hang around up here.

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