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Single Sided Pillow Fight

November  9, 2006 Single Sided Pillow Fight

12:06 PM
I like the fact I can turn a 3 day weekend into a 4 day weekend by sleeping in.

12:28 PM
I've been working on a couple of scattered school related issues.
Trying to figure out how to add a block to a module... but I don't
think it can be done.
12:34 PM
Maybe, I'm getting the idea to use the journal a bit more like a gant chart
in which case I record my working activities with time stamps.
That's not 'that far' away from how I work with it now. I'd just
be mindful of trackig progress and side notes as things happen.
That's also given that I'm on this computer (my home one) while I work.

12:59 PM
With the help of phpMyAdmin I'm picking up on how to manage 
database tables and sql query strings. I think for the SE Project
I can take the forms and moodltize them. I have to do something if
I can't add a block.
1:03 PM
I'll conclude efforts for now.

Dang it. I spent the last how ever many minutes looking for a file
I forgot the name of. It's weblib.php by the way. ARgh.

1:40 PM
I don't think 'test plan' and what is meant by that is 
accuratly conveyed. If it's anything like the moodle test plans
I guess it's possible to generate that. But we have to design
the system before.
Has it really been 2 hours of this stuff?

I think my SE objectives are
- Get Block to show up in module 
  (that might mean adding some sort of instance code to view.php)
- Make my own working form and database using moodle API
- Figure out how to rewrite form code the moodle way.

2:58 PM
Why simluations can't be closed source.
Like statistions or accountants simluatios can
be made to show anything. That's why they must be
avabile for public scruity. That's why OSI licenses
are best for them.
If I activaly cultivated a simluation skill and became
a consultant.. perhaps that would be helpful.
I have a feeling that would be a large bill.

What kind of questions can simluations answer?
How much faith should we put into the answers?
There's much work to be done in the Scientific computing 
and simluation feilds. 
Both technical and philosophical.
I'd like to turn it into my CS 499 for Spring 07.

From Construction Algo. to Sheakspheran emulation.
I've got ideas. They just need to be manifested.
I want to develope the skill the same way my high school
IP developped my equation discipline. 

11:51 PM
Welp, I didn't realize that this day was about to be over.
It was good to get in some programming towards the end.

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