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Stress Induced Fatigue

November 15, 2006 Stress Induced Fatigue
I was asking Jackie what I should make.
Since it was rainingy she recommend an umbrella.

I laid down. I couldn't sleep. So I got back up and sat at the machine. And programmed. things went smoothly and I decided to do a recap. I don't know why I feel awake. I've been tired most of the day. I feel it's a stress induced fatigue. I have to get up at 8 to register. I don't know if the hour difference between that time and 11 is going to matter all that much. But regardless.... that's when I'm going to enter the course numbers.
11:37 PM I'm sick. .. I forgot how bring up philosophy can get a lot of people angry. It wasn't explicity 'called' philosophy but under under title 'critical questioning' would be more like what I brought into the group. I need to e mail my past philosophy professor among other things. Perhaps I'll e mail the political science teacher as well. I'd ask her 'is this group project suppose to be this unpleasant?' What does consensus mean? It means from now on I'm not bring up 'the idea' is what it means. I'll save it for the passive written stance and thought provoking future videos. Though lack of sleep and stress has no doubt torn my health apart. (throat currently cries out in pain) The day still held a lot of value. I helped Jackie with her website project. I was on the verge of tears when I found her in the library lobby. I held them back, apologizing for my not tip top Chris shape. I helped her. I hadn't realized just how many errors come up when trying to show someone something. To me, uploading, editing managing ftp clients and knowing what the browser is all automatic. There also seemed to be trouble just managing basic windows and OS viewing controls. I guess there is 'a lot' of work to be done with computers before they are more help than hassle. There was a break in the whole computer web tutorial bit. We walked out and about and saw everything from the new cafe in the Sci B building to the lack behind the school. The new construction where the tennis courts had once been was especially memorable seeing how that's where Jackie and I once played tennis. She saw track field friends while coming back from the forest and I petted the track dog. We went back to lab to work on things. Well, I hung about helping with this and that as issues came up. They're were several. I'd say I learned a lot about the difficulties. SIDE NOTES I completely forgot about the protein construction problem. Platypus reminded me while I hung out with her for a while towards the end of the night. Well, it wasn't like she said, "Hey Chris remember that Protein Construction Problem you were thinking about?" No. It was more like she spoke of her recent bio test and it jogged my memory. I wanted to investigate how the proteins and cell growth is able to build complex life forms and structures. I felt that that was an over looked field of study and I could pay close attention to it. (I had asked the biology teacher about it while taking the class during the summer. She had no idea if or who or what was being done about the matter. Stuff like that... I smile at.) ... hey if I generate the fib sequence by simulation of it I'll have solved a big mystery as to why it shows up in nature so much.
Then I asked her what to do next. She recommend cat. I went, "Wha?" Then I made this.

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