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Thanksgiving II Mov: Tired Fencing

November 23, 2006 Thursday 11:28 PM Thanksgiving II Mov: Tired Fencing

Watch Tired Fencing.
I'm to tired to edit right now. So, I whip out some stock footage from last break. Here's fencing.
And again I spend thanks giving up in Arcata with random friends... well actually I only knew one of them before today, but I got to know her friends a bit when they came. I had gotten lost on the way to the house. The big arrow on my google map misslead me. Can you believe that? I spent nearly an hour (literally) trying to get to a place and when I finally found it (after asking a lot of people for directions) I was relived if not a bit frustrated. It's a cool place. There's a barn and a cottage and that's not even the main house. There's gradens and wood carvings and an old dog. It was some pretty amazing proptery complete with a nice view. The current crew coach is well accomidated I suppose. My camera ran out of power so I couldn't catch the best moments of the day. That's ashame. Since I didn't know the people that well it was a bit akward at parts but I had a lot of fun with helping with food prep here and there and then joking around a bit. There may have been a bit too much Cirque du Soleil. But eh, I generally liked the evening. And I felt that when I left I had made a good first impression.
A while after I leave to go to Tricia's (well temperialy her place) I can't seem to find it. I finally managed to find that mailbox that would signifly that I had arrived. Only it was about an HOUR after I left. I didn't expect the whole getting lost thing. I'm excited to see a real live barn being constructed. It makes all the effort worth it in a way. Course. Getting to hang out with Tricia and company is like the icying on the cake. The place was old and it had push button lights. 1920's or so? Outside there was this bell with charactors on it. Interesting.

Dad sends a picture of him in a strange look. View from a window in the place.

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