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Well Documented Day

November 10, 2006 Friday 2:11 AM Well Documented Day

2:13 AM
I'm taking a quick crack at the moodle database form issue.
First I open datalib.pnp and weblib.php

2:40 AM
I was writing.. haven't run anything yet.
I dislike the disorientation of working accross multiple
files, and the fact that getting it to run means jumping
through a whole lot of extra hoops just to try to see if
things work.
Now I have to go read the moodle guidline docs so I know
how to create my database. Least that is possilb enow that
I figure dout myPhpAdmin earlier today.. well yesterday.

unfortunately I'm not sure how to make this
"Every table must have an auto-incrementing id field (INT10) as primary index."
2:45 AM
Ah, but if I look at the chrismod database already in existance I could
just append a feild and use that. .. mmmm
data field a_str was created.... nice.
note that the table is called mdl_chrismod with a field of a_str
using the preexisting table for testing purposes solves the previous
confusion.. or at least puts it aside for now.

2:48 AM
2:57 AM
This all takes a lot of concentration.
I think I have code I can test now. I hope it works.
So Now I'll add it into my moudle code and attempt to run it.
.. I wish myself luck....
focus focus....

3:01 AM
All files in their places. 
Preping for first test.
This had better run.
oh I see a text box with a small button.
... it goes to editdata.php 
but becomes a blank screen.
commenting out lines... nothing.
..added some stuff before page header.
it tells me course module is incorrect.
3:10 AM
Dang. That was a nice try though.
About a 63 minute nice try.

3:15 AM
The sql functions might be the problem.
least I can use some simpler more direct functions
and see what happens.


I wake up and it's 11:43 AM by the time I'm sitting
here typing again.
I wonder whether today is going to be a study day.
A long study day. I then consider what a gant chart
will look like for days like these... if I accomodated
other factors.

I wake up near 12. This leaves 12 hours to use.
The activities I do during such time... involve
eating twice, on vacation days I bike twice ...
I get up and I work on things.. genearly because I'm
very relaxed and I can sit.. though that has changed to
I can be very patience with a lot more of my time.
Genarly after the first meal and during there is a movie
or somethign I get into watching....
with that all said... my day could go like this.

12:00 PM Moodle Code Work for Software Engieering
         Playing with Python
         Fix Class Schedule and Confirm (e mail parents)
2:00ish  Eat sparsly while watching borroweed movie
         If I watch the whole thing it would be 98 minutes
3:38ish  Back to work on things
         Starting Reading Pyschology Chapters
         Start Reading Telecom Chapters (make sure to understand code and Protocols)
         CS 499 propsal (that should be useful for a lot of reasons)
5:00ish  I might bike out because I tend to do that when I've been in too long
6:00ish  Comm e mail project AND Comm Report
.. I don't think I can have an accuarte projection due to the fact lots of 
things take  a longer time than I allow. The Studying is a big job but I have
2 more days to accomplish it. 

The events might occur, just not in that order. And I tend to 
break things up with browsing blender related info as well as newsfeeds about
what is happeningin the world. I like to pace during a lot more of the day
I suppose. And my plans are always through when someone calls me and asks
me to do something.
So things enividabley change course. That change of course could account
for a lot of the work loss due to distraction. However, if I'm a lot more aware
and a lot more firm about the timing I don't see it as being a problem anymore.
... that's if I'm both of those things.

11:58 PM
Maybe I can test Kents code on my systems system.
12:22 PM Kents code did not run.
         I discovered a blocklib.php file my coding isn't working
         I'm now searching amoung other modules for clues
12:30 PM now that I see blocklib.php maybe I can put a funcatin block on the page
12:32 PM The data module is very helpful
12:39 PM How DO I put blocks onto a module page? If I knew that I could figure
         out how to put blocks on our page.
12:46 PM The Moodle project had benefit greatly from having all the developers
         take a week out and document how it all works. Then they could have lots
         of new developers and ultimalty more understandable everything.
         I can't make much progress in this. It's painfully slow, and I refuse
         to lose sleep over it. 
12:51 PM That's it I'm going to go table up something to make the page 'look'
         like the mock ups.
12:55 PM You got to be kidding. Tableing it makes everything disappear? What gives?
12:57 PM Ah, I've been working in python too long and forgot semicolons
         The 'fake block' Appears on the left. I assure you it can do everything
         you want it to.
1:02 PM  K I think I'm going to upload all that I've worked on to my chrismod
         example so that people can see it.

I know Josh would complain about the fake block.. but have you 'seen' some 
of the code people have written for their modules? Blaw.
1:11 PM I enhanced the chrismod example with the changes as well as my form

Ah 2 pm approachs and I am about on schedule for my projection.
I wrote something about class schedule. mmmm I'll dance to music first.

2:23 PM Ah, I think I've danced myself out.. now to eat and watch movie.

4:11 PM I should move more. The Movies over. About 23 minutes behind projection I 
        wrote earlier. I think that was about how much time I spent dancing.
        Course I didn't do the Class Schedule thing either.

Not much to do for the class schedule I don't think.

5:40 PM I read. But I do not feel that it was as effecity for the EOS is 
very low with that book and class I think. 
I do want to go out. Just like I added earlier. But it's bleak and cold
and wet. And if anything, I'd be walking in the dark with an umbrella.
Not really the 'get away' I have in  mind for takingn breaks from 
Here is where I skip away from my projected timeline.
I suppose I fit the curve I think I fit fairly well. I just
tend not to keep track of it. It's important to follow the time
in order to know just how much can be done... though I don't know
how I would measure sucessfully completed things.
You can't count sucessful test questions from minutes spent reading
in a book.

What is the measure of success in a day? Does that change through the 
course of ones life perhaps depending on motivations? 

... approx. 6 hours remain in the day.. but I tend to stay up 2 to 3
hours longer than that. 

What do I do with the 6 hours? Considering it's a weekend... I should

8:33 PM
Back inside from a walk in the rain.
I guess I never knew just how many times girls did flirt with me.
I've always been completely oblivious to the fact... until now.
Course, my actions remain the same. I don't seem to know how to 
handle in ethier case. I get smiles several times. 
It's strange. 
While I was out I walked onto the field. The lights were still on
and no one was around. So I walked out there while it drizzled.
And threw my umbrella.. the wind caught it it went foomp! and zoomed
back to hit me. I laughed. And then someone turned out the lights so
I was in darkness. ... It was nice while it lasted.
Being on the field alone with all the lights... it was as though 
there was a game but no one but I on the field. .... Like it was strange
to see all the players missing. 

I walked back. Visiting Rebecca on the way home. 
3 more hours left in today and it's time for a warm shower.

11:46 PM
The last hours are a blur. Time can fly when you don't keep 
track of it. But that's one of the beauties of the thing.
I'm going to close this very well documented day with 
14 minutes left. 
Good job Chris. Let's exmaine what we want to accomplish tommorrow
and focus in all that.

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