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Worried Sick

November 2, 2006 Worried Sick

My images def. don't go with this day.

Learning to program Ipo curves in Blender. I need to expand my emphasis past
modeling into all the areas. Especially learning how to make use of Blender for
simulation purposes.

12:49 AM Damn you Codec Locks!!! 6:50 PM Now I have a headache. I tried to nap in the middle of the day to escape from the agonies of the daytime hours... no real luck since soon I was awake feeling the irritating hairs in my eyes and saying, 'That's it.' I'm going to go get them cut right that instant. I had had enough of those hairs in my face on top of everything else. 8:41 PM Worried Sick. I think I've literally worried myself sick. I do indeed feel sick. ... I should take the rest of the night off. ... ack. I'm not far away from a migrain.. and I don't believe I'll be able to tend to any more homework tonight ethier.
I was editing a movie the other night and found a funny frame. I held up the comment that someone had left on the site... but this part never wound up in the version of the movie that I had edited.

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