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Movie: Farewell 2006

December 31, 2006 Sunday Movie: Farewell 2006

(It will look like a white box unless you have the codec)
Though I think the newest version of quicktime actually finally supports it... I'm not entirely sure. So if there is trouble viewing. Try getting VLC
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Or if for someone reason you can't do that there may be a flash embedded video further down.
Ah yes, let me recall 2006 in montage form.

4:23 AM I know this year is coming to an end and I know I started a text file that I never could quite get away from. I kept saying I'd transition through it into my own journal software but that never quite materialized. ... Though there was a bit of effort made to some degree. It seems the simple textfile is slowly transforming into a html file. When my thoughts return to what I would program in it's place I still don't know how to organize everything. .... Side note. There is a huge problem with the 'matrix' way of virtualization. It's the huge amount of physical processing that would be required to create the illusion. And that's if you mapped all the nerve systems correctly. I wondered... perhaps it would be possible to get around that calculation problem by inducing the right sort of hallicenations. More like creating a lucid dream but getting the machine to supply updates of information and injects to help control the world your dreaming. If you turn off that part of the brain that says your asleep and give 'just enough' feedback to provide some interaction... could it be possible to place yourself into a different world with out breaking bank on the amount of calculations? ....

"I used to think of getting things done quickly, now I think about getting them done right. And the hard work it all takes"

.... 4:29 AM I realize I entered this world. This world with it's preoccupation with it's problems. The common mental understanding of the global fate it may have. I enter into a place better off than many many people in that sed world. I wonder to what degree my thoughts and emotions towards everything have been morphed by the premises of this world. I wonder where the 'me' really is. Had I gotten to go back and start a controlled experiment... I would reset myself in a different world and observe the differences. ... I've spent a few hours this night re-reading my life and picking ou excerpts in order to roll back the clock. Role back the cosmic tape. Is the universe betamax or VHS? Anyway,
Chris World in Review Excerpts from the journal..... "March 3, 2006 Friday 11:16 PM I notice how the psychological impact of my journal changes when I write with the knowledge I'll be posting. Some things just can not be written this way. Also, I feel compelled to explain back ground."[Otherwise Known As] "One of my early morning thoughts was on journaling. I've noticed that my journal has strange impacts on my life every so often. They usually involve someone reading a bit of it and acting a different way or much more likely I need to go back and look things up. I've used it to write some nice birthday e mail cards. I realized that now that I write to a more public location there should be an even larger effect. Probably, something on par with that time Amber mentioned fencing to me after she saw the T. Giving Break movie. I remember that for a second I was like, "What... How did you know I fenced?" She cited the movie and then I realized just how much I enjoyed having people up to speed on things before I ever have to explain anything. I think it works like this. If you cared to read about current happenings and a source for that exists then I don't have to spend time troubling you with details when I don't even know if you want to hear them. The showcase of the things I work on, life included, motivated me to continue to work on things with new vigor. Least that hasn't died quite yet but when other stuff picks up I'm obviously won't be spending 3.25 hours making movies about my day which I suppose wasn't that intriguing anyway. In fact, what is more intriguing is the simple idea that it's now out there embossed into the web for anyone to come and gander at." I Cause This entry also features one of the earlyest autobiographical video entries. Despite the comments I make about filming editing and posting movies like, "That is not something to do everyday. Takes to long. I recorded that fact."3.05.2006 I seem to be leaning towards attempting to do it more regularly anyway. What a perfect time to begin such a thing... a whole new year just around the corner. I enjoy the subtile affects the movies create... "Last night Sadie remarked to me later after picking me up that she had a movie star moment. She recognized me from the movies and was like 'oh look there he is it's that guy' and quickly realized that was dumb because it was just Chris. I was amused. I derive enjoyment from all the weird things that happen when more and more of my life is digitized and up somewhere on line." CURRENT KNOWN ISSUES In those first few days of the begining of this whole thing I try to think about how to handle sensitive material. "Sensitive Material? I'm still grappling with what belongs in a blog. What things should I censor? I've always done a sort of censoring in my journal. Mostly, I would leave off names and mention vague events and it was up to my memory to fill in the blanks. Most of the time that doesn't work very well though." CURRENT KNOWN ISSUES It would seem as though I struggle with the same problems as when I first began. A chronic disorder of ambition. "The other fact that sometimes bugs me is that I think of so many more things than I actually get to do. Especially when it comes to movies. I have many many idea for movies. I have creative ideas for movies but they get lost, or written down and filed away, or I get motivated but not enough to carry me through the whole process so things get plain forgotten. It drives me crazy sometimes to know that what ever movie I can show people isn't any where near what I have dreamt up. Their plain unrepresentative of my current capability. " Without the Warmth of Friendship I would hope that someone reading this post would soon see the utility in record keeping of ones life. It's in these thoughtful times I can go back and examine what is the same and what is different and what sort of progress I am making... if any. Perhaps, even remind myself of projects I would like to come back to. It's all there waiting for me to shift through the data and make new decisions with my life. I want people to eventually see specific examples of the usefulness of 'using' the journal and not just keeping it. It's to that end that I make sure to pay special attention to those 'journal effects' The entry Empty Walks speaks of the strange possiblity of reviewing life. Best to close this day here. Tommorrow is the first of a new year. And to readers of this post perhaps it is today as well.


Where I Grew Up Mov: Duel Video Tracks

December 30, 2006 Saturday 12:07 AM Where I Grew Up Mov: Duel Video Tracks

(It will look like a white box unless you have the codec)
Though I think the newest version of quicktime actually finally supports it... I'm not entirely sure. So if there is trouble viewing. Try getting VLC
or with QuickTime Xvid Codec
Or if for someone reason you can't do that there may be a flash embedded video further down.
I discuss why I sometimes edit with AvidFreeDV instead of iMovie.
UGH. I finally did it. I fially got AvidFreeDV audio to work. FINALLY! 2 video tracks. yes. 5:38 PM In my schedule it is only daylight for a few hours. That's why I make sure to ride out to enjoy the light. Though some would be taken a back in shock at how my day only begins a few hours before sunset. I know I'm sleeping when I need it and waking up when my body wants to. The rest of time spent awake is maxiumaly productive. That is if there isn't any footage that needs daylight. ... Where I Grew Up I sat there playing with my bike keys while waiting for my burrito to arrive. I thought about where I grew up. And it wasn't my home town. If anything, I grew up here in Arcata. The place where I had real friends for once. I know I'm not exactly people based. I speculate that it got that way from my experience back in La Canada Flintridge. I see now in retrospect that those whom even hadd the utternence 'friend' attached were more exploitive than I could see at the time. At the time I knew of nothing better. Now, I can finally see the complete evil that plauged my earlier years. So much so, was this growing ambivlence towards people that when prompted to write in 'best friend' on a school pushed journal assignment in elementary school I wrote down my pet rat. I must have suspectied that the one person whom I knew that kept hanging out with me wasn't really a 'friend' more like a subvert bully. And these mere beginings continued through high school only to grow worse the more I tried to walk the line between social and antisocial. The age of high school was the age of unrequited love and painful memories that just continued the nightmare. When I think now about how others grew up and what they did and spoke of I notice the distinct difference between their stories. They had people in them. They were people based. They showcased their adventures in interaction both good and bad but always that was the thing... socialble people for better or for worse they were that way. And I would stand so far back so I could ignore all the sea of society around me. A sea of humings about who goes out with who and stupid sex jokes of the kinds you hear in high school. I would have none of it. And I would be better for it. I thought. ... And today as I played with my keys I would sit back and wonder if so much has really changed. I have been inducted a bit more lavaisly into the social world. It was for a time I was quite distracted then suddnely I was through out.. or perhaps I threw myself out... but I'd rather say I threw 'it' out. For 'it' was never my locus or my driving force. And now as I lay back in my lair, in my solidtued still recalling this mess of a past I realize. It wasn't until college that I had people stories of the kinds I would even 'want' to think of. It wasn't until now that I got to ride bikes out at night while laughing with friends. If anything, I finally got to experience the good side of people.. for a time... And in doing so I realized I had not grown up in my 'so called' home town... but here... in the city between the forest and the sea.


Face Modeled

December 29, 2006 Friday 3:30 AM Face Modeled
I managed to find another USB extention cable.
This allowed me to get my keyboad all the way to my bed
In which case I am now able to type while reclining.
Combined with the ability to zoom the screen I can type in
relative comfort though it takes a little getting used to 
at first. 
The last time I was typing like this I was using the Ubuntu
laptop and VNC. Though it proved a bit unappealing due to the
time lag nature of the thing. 

I don't know what to call those half thoughts. They are
something like day dreams. They are those wisphy moments
when I almost have a notion of an idea... but I can't 
quite grasp it. I think one of them was about programming.
Not the actually programing but the angle I would want
to present about it. 
I know I want to make it something exciting... or more
like show the artistic side. I might end up taking out
some of the magic and the myster it holds to those whom
do not know how to programming... that is if they consider
the thing mysterious and almost mystical in the first place.
But I want to find a way to give a visual, and take a 
perspective that brings it to life. Somethign that shows
the coder as more of a magicion or an architect of 
information. ... But how can I? The idea is to vague even
in my mind. I know what the end result in the audience
should be... but I can not figure how to get there or
even remotely begin to try.

Perhaps, I should go write my script pitches. I have 
to catch at least some of those ideas before they get 
away. I've been a bit lazy during this break so far.
Not entirely sure why I'm shying away from what I really
should be doing in order to achieve things. ... But 
regardless... I'd best get back to it.
mmmm I love typing while reclining. Now if only my feet
weren't this cold.

3:24 PM
Open Source Software Means Some Assembly Required.
Currently looking into cinelerra some obscure build
that a fellow got to work for Darwin. 

XvidFree DV doesn't like audio very much. Ouch.

10:16 PM
I do not know why I ruminate upon people whom have
done things to me. All it does it get me upset. 
And that's not very helpful.

I'm dienchanted with AvidFreeDV I thought that if only
the audio was working properly I could use the dang thing
to speed my editing.. but no. And no help from any forums.
That just makes it worse.

I was testing some constraints and accidently wound up with this. I like it. The contrast in computer grid and organic tree is interesting. I picked up on the face model again. Only this time I made it wooden. And I fleshed it out more. Welp. That's my first face form. It's a bit knuckled but It's a face.
10:16 PM I have worked the face a bit more and experimented with materials. I use control-R to find bad face loops. And I think this is one of them. My first face attempt has some pretty poorly meshed quads. But this version is much smoother than the original from earlier. Some material enhancement is interesting too.


Ghetto Headset

December 28, 2006 Thursday Ghetto Headset

Is that so? Paper on Net Addiction

9:54 PM
Joy called. She was growing tired on her car trip back to LA and
she needed someone to talk to in order to keep her awake.
So I did. But in order to keep working on the computer I had to bandage my
head with the phone. 

And Improved version..

I really need a headset.

Walking out to the restruant and watching the sunset while I
ate cheered  me up. And then I got to get some candy and some
movies Hellsing and Sea Biscuit. So, there's things not net
realited to watch.


Net Weary Mov: Hanging with Shawn

December 27, 2006 Wednesday 3:00 pm Net Weary Mov: Hanging with Shawn

Hanging with Shawn

(It will look like a white box unless you have the codec)
Though I think the newest version of quicktime actually finally supports it... I'm not entirely sure. So if there is trouble viewing. Try getting VLC
or with QuickTime Xvid Codec
Or if for someone reason you can't do that there may be a flash embedded video further down.
Shawn and I wait for a ride to a costume party.
I awoke and eventually got up to check the net. And it was back. ... well not all of it. I still couldn't check me e mail. Figures. It's on a machine on the HSU campus and I can access virtually everything but that. Would I be able to if I went to a campus computer? 4:55 PM I rode out on my bike to probe about looking for a way to access the machine that holds my e mail. I found out the campus power was out and that would mean no one could really send anything to me anyway. After noticing all of Arcata's power was dead I decided to see if Ricos Tacos was open. Last year, they were open because they had a generator. I was impressied adn delighted. This year I wondered if they were again open. And they were. Only this time it was early and they were not as busy as I recalled. It was practically a riot last year. I gotta hand it to them, "stay in business during a power out and rack it in" Everyone wants to eat hot food but lots of people don't have gas stoves. So what do they do? They go out. 5:25 PM Maybe, it's about time I stop using a local e mail system. 5:27 PM Ah yes, while I was walking about I thought of a couple of gags for movies. One is sort of an I love Lucy but it's an ethernet cord with eye's. Another is how as soon as I start liking a girl she tends to find someone. The way I was thinking about it it would be a funny commerical though if one thought more about it it would be perhaps a bit sad. The underlying subtext. I kept waiting for the power to go out last night. I turned of the computer in anticipation but much of the time the lights only fickered. I think I need to send out some e mails via gmail and not Explaining what had happened. 8:09 PM Oh mail is back at 8 o 9 pm and I have no new messages. .... hmmp I guess I was expecting more. Oh well. Does this mean the campus is back up? Anyway, the wind had died down so I can go back to what it was I was getting at before the interruption. 10:12 PM Eh, the power out broke my concentration. I need to do something to get it back. Or I'm fading fast. 10:51 PM Cleaning my harddrive means a lot of things. Sometimes that means I go and find Gigs of old footage and decided to edit them rather than delete or save onto another medium. That's why I have a movie from Nov. 4 2006 here.


The Day my Net Died

December 26, 2006 Monday 10:12 PM The Day my Net Died

Scroll down for title story

I've been far too lazy this break. Though there is plenty
more time to be lazy AND still do some things I kept saying
I'd do if I only had more time... but to do those things
I need to make a plan. .... And I will.
Right after I get fed up with these distractions.
There was a time when my computer was not hooked up to the
net. There was a time when all I did or could do was, writing,
programming, editing movies, watching movies and that was it.
It seems that with that net connection came more than just 
a world of Open Source Software and communication.... there
came a world of distraction.
And I wonder from time to time... what were the distractions of
those ages before all this hussle and bustle?
I mean back in Newtons' day what was there to be distracted about?
Am I at some kind of disadvantage because I have many many ways
to be distracted? .. or maybe I'm just better off with all the
extra informationl influences. I do get a lot from teh good work
of others and it's only through this system that I can
benefit from it. 

So, I suppose it's left up to me to control myself. And refocus
on what I feel is important. ... Luckily there still is 
quite a lot of time for that sort of thing.

The Day my Net Died
Technically, the next day.... but I have no way
to update the entry until much much later... Or when
ever the net connection comes back alive.
At first I thought it wasn't going to be very long
before it returned. But most of the day went by
and nothing still. I tried to call someone and found the
lines were busy. I automatically remembered my telecomm
course and imagined the physical circuit networks. 
I decided to go out and see if more than just my place
had lost the net. AS I walked out into the night I noticed
the eerie quietness of the town. It really died completely
since school let out. I suppose it was pretty late too.
Inside my friends place I discovered the net was down 
there as well. Well, at least I know it wasn't a lack of
paying bills or something. I'll just go home and take care
of some harddrive cleaning. 

Least the power isn't out... but at the store today I picked
up some batteries just in case. This time of year tends
to be notorious for power outs. I keep waiting for one.
But luckily nothing yet... though the net outage isn't 
very thrilling either. It could be worse.

I got rid of the bulking extra monitor because I got some VNC software working on the borrowed windows machine. So I can bring it up on my Mac Screen. The basic of all basic chroma plugins just can't cut it even with a very very good green screen. How did they do it? By the way this image comes from one of GALACTICASTS web movies put out under the CC 2.5 lincense. Check them out at 4:27 AM Dang it. Google Search is so fickle. Chris world is only number one for a few days and then blam. Not anymore. But still, I'll look back to that golden era when I showed up first for once! Good thing I took a picture. 4:47 PM whoa, I got up earlier then went back to bed and I woke up in the pm's of the am's when I last wrote... whoa. Anyway, I realized I originally had a site where I was going to have all these different sections and I was goign to have a movie on all these different sections but that site died due ot hosting problems. But now I realize I"m doing the same thing again only I completely forgot that I wanted to do the 'how to' movie deal on every page.
Images from the past... An image from a past more simpler time... I used to walk around my pool and think about things.


Mov: Making the Season

December 25, 2006 Monday 4:14 AM Mov: Making the Season

Scroll down the page for the flash version...
Or watch it on blip
I decided to leave Dec. 24 plain and simple. Just a movie that I had spent a few days making. And then I made this one yesterday. If you get a chance, make sure to go out for a walk or a bike ride or something and greet everyone you see. Later on today, there is bound to be front yards filled with newly given toys and little girls and boys biking around on new bikes, or razors, or skate boards or perhaps just new flying toys. It may be raining for me. But I still know that Christmas is the best day to be out biking about. So, I make this post before I have this day. Or perhaps, I leave only these words.


Movie: Tis The Season

December 24, 2006 'Chris'tmas Eve

I figured I'd put this up now. So that the whole day it would
be here.


December 23, 2006

December 23, 2006 Saturday 1:05 AM

Well, with no more shoots scheduled I'm back
to making the day up as I go. I have more to write
up and more to edit but I feel I've been neglecting
the software side of things. Perhaps also the blender
side of things.. And I have yet to contact Marie.
Not that contacting people is going very well this 
break. Perhaps, at some point I will accept that fact
and retreat from things in an attempt to really
refocus my energy. 

My foot still really hurts.

3:20 PM
Someone used my "At Your Service" web form. I was like
whoa! someone actually used this. And then I had to 
e mail the person saying I hadn't really fully 
completed the form. So.... um could you like e mail
me theh ol' fashion way?

I was so delighted to wake up to the request.
At first I thought it was spam.. until I realzied it was
my own form!

My Christmas Eve Card is done and ready to be sent
out to people. But I'm waiting till The 24th to do that.

This break I'm spending more time to do movies right.
I wrote the script for "Tis The Season" on Thursday
and filmed the principle footage on Friday. Then
I ediited and added effects to it that night and uploaded
it to revver. Where it will spend some time getting cleared
before I can use the movie anywhere. 
So, it's one movie that I streched over a few days. 

My new emphasis is on thinking over the details and 
improving the quality of my creations. It's all becauase
I don't like collecting this reputation for doing well
stuff that I know I could do better.

9:10 PM
It's in those half awake and half asleep moments in which
I lay upon my bed in the dark that ideas pass over me
the fastest. I jump from one kernal of truth to another
sometimes staying or hanging upon one for a bit longer 
repeating it in my brain... and then sometimes jumping from
idea to idea trying not to forget all the different things
I've had thought and will think about. 
I gave myself a bit of a headache.. if that was the cause..
But more likely it's because i haven't had a solid meal 
today yet. I suppose I'll tend to that then.

But of those things I was thinking about....

The Quality of Thoughts
Given that a thing called philosophy exists it might
be fair to say that there are some lines of thought
that are just higher quality that others. 
Lines of thought where the thinker has carefully choosen
his or her premises based on avoidance of common 
cognitive biases. Thoughts can be clearly spaced out
and linked in logical orderly ways and possible issues
can be identified. Perhaps, there is such a thing as 'good thinking'
and maybe I've gotten better at it every since I began.

I know I thought of other things. I thought about the 
personal fabrication. I thought about how a mer commuincty
based socciety could arrise from the idas of Open Source and
such fabrication. I thought about rewinding the clock a bit
and using electronic componants such as relays to build
machines that can replace themsevles. 
I thought of powergenartion machines that can duplicate.
Or collect water and grow plants to make plastics from
in order to copy themselves. 
I thought of The Death of Death.
I thought of many many things.
And I always grow nervous when I don't write about them 
as soon as I get the idea because if I didn't I'd forget
very quickly. That's why I always kept repeating things
to myself. It was a way of remembering.. only know I tend
to use the written word a my storage tank of thoughts.


Phantom Toe Pain

December 22, 2006 Friday Phantom Toe Pain

If I were ever to become a  millionaire I would have
to try and keep it a secret. Only, I suppose that is
a bit difficult with so much information being exposed
about me everyday. mmmmm The reasoning behind the
secret would be simliar to those old fairy tales where
someone meets some poor old lady asking for a favor of
some kind. And one charactors disregardes the person and
moves on. And another person actually trieds the old lady
kindly and she turns into some sort of magical princess
and then rewards the person for their kindness.

Yeah, That's about right. I'm sure I could pull that one
off given no one knows. but again, how can a secret like
that be kept if everything is obvious?

1:41 PM

Phantom Toe Pain
It kep waking me up every hour to hour and a half during
the night. My 2nd Toe on my right foot really hurt.
Icy Numbing and sharp pain that I couldn't stand.
And I'm finally appoarchinga time where I'm going to
get up and I realize.... that nights ago I had kneeld
down with the tops of my feet agaisn't the ground and
something happened to my right foot. Some sharp pain
that run all through it. And then I realized maybe I
pulled, or pinched or did something to a nerve in
the toe. So, when I touch my toe it feels numb as compared
with my other toes.
Now I don't think I want to walk anywhere. Or if anything
I should just ride the bike and try to stay off of it.
With luck it will heal by the end of break.

5:31 PM
I send out e mails. No replys.
I place calls. No returns.
Truely, I must be under the false impression that
I actually know people. When I think about others who
really do know people I take pause.

7:21 PM
I went out and got another shot. The fire one.
So it's been a productive day as far as getting
movie clips. As for other things? Not so much.

9:54 PM
Dang. I missed a call I wanted to get. Oh well.
I'm back indoors again and gradually warming up
things. Luckily my sore toe doesn't keep me from
riding my bike. I figure the ride prevents excess
movement from hurting it further.

11:14 PM
Rendering the effects for the Xmas Gift Card is taking
quite a while.
And the Net Library won't let me upload images right now.
So... I have to go through another channel.

A shot from a movie I'm making. What I looked like nearly 16 years ago. Another shot from a movie I'm making. Did I post this already?


Give the Gift of Open Source

December 21, 2006 Thursday Give the Gift of Open Source

This holiday season give the gift of Open Source.
Tell your friends and family they don't need that properity stuff.
Tell them they can be free of payments and free minded.

I wrote several letters and sent them out today. I'm a bit
worn out on the whole writing thing right now. I notice
I tend to get conversational when I write for a considerable
amount of time. I suppose that's one of the side effects of having
a journal that I write in every night slash day.

Businesses Keep track of Everything digital.
Didn't know it came out. I was thinking about that before I 
ever heard about it. on mobuzz.

5:10 PM
If you ever visit the doctor at a later date It's good to have
a record of what hurts and when and for how long.
For one thing, I have no idea why my right foot hurts so much.
I worry that it might be infected. I'm recording the fact it's
been something like 3 days. Though, it looks completely fine.
I really don't know why. 

Just another use of keeping track.

I woke myself up a bit too early. ( I get like 6 or 7 hours of sleep 
instead of 8 or 9) The thing about that is that it's not that I 
sleep more during a break but I get to go to bed when I'm 
tired and wake up on my own bodies schedule. This is the most
efficient way and I feel the best when I can do this.
Only thing is since I stay up later and later I lose my daylight
hours. And that is something I wish was different. I wish
the daylight could start when I wake up and then get dark when 
I sleep. It would be nice if the whole universe could just
accompidate my sleeping in life style. 
Oh well....

I did wake up and hang out with Liz today. We played air hockey
at Round Table and walked and talked. I notice seeing someone
tends to break in the day a bit. It doesn't encoarch too much
on time but it loosesns up the montonous of my daily efforts
to pull things off. 
I'm really torn between the whole seeing and not seeing people.
The issues began a very very long time ago. I actually have a 
note book with an entry that talks about it. To this day, I'm
not quite sure how to handle or make decisions based on it.

I thought about sending Hallmark a card.. should I do it?

11:18 PM
Uh oh, I hope cabin fever isn't sinking in. Naw. It's just
that nagging voice saying "why are you working on this or that?"

Josh and Tracy came by tonight. It was unexpected and I decided
to eat my noodles upstairs.

I asked the library for permision to shoot my short movie
today. I'm going to get camera stuff ready for tomorrow 

Late last night I wrote and printed letters for relatives and friends. That's a first for this time of year for me. I saw Liz today. I was indeed seen by Liz as well. Liz and I went to a pizza place where she played a game. I don't think she was doing very well. While walking behind the library I snagged a few books from this thing. I now owe a Math book for elementary school teachers.


Movie: Jam Session 1

December 20, 2006 Wednesday Movie: Jam Session 1

(It will look like a white box unless you have the codec)
Though I think the newest version of quicktime actually finally supports it... I'm not entirely sure. So if there is trouble viewing. Try getting VLC
or with QuickTime Xvid Codec
Or if for someone reason you can't do that there may be a flash embedded video further down.
Sometimes it's just good to go with a simple clip. It's a mix of different songs I play.
2:46 PM Save the Internet. Save it! Let's make Net Neutrality a LAW. Save the Internet! Independence 4:23 PM I think I made the movie because I was feeling down. While waiting for a call. I wonder if it will ever come? But besides that I have it all warm in my room and out side my very door it's freezing. So, I feel a bit trapped. I have to brave the cold if I want to venture out anyway. And even if I do go out I'll miss any 'call' that might be coming in. So then what do I do? 10:14 PM Eh, walking out into the night really cheered me up. It was windy but sort of a warm wind. And I was sad at first. Sad and thoughtful but I wondered out and about and onto the feild... and then to Joy's place and by the time I was watching a bit of cable and relaxing I felt worlds better. Wow... no body really e mails around these times. I guess everyone is busy catching up with whom ever they went home to see. Either that or I just check my e mails a whole lot more than usual. ... but I'm not sure it's that. I have yet to sit down and figure out exactly where I am and what I want to pull off. I've been taking care of odds and ends I guess. But I think there is definate work to be done on the blog presenation, my resume page, CS 499 and Microcontroller programming. I have Christmas letters to write first I suppose.

WHAT the heck are those spikes when I'm not even browsing anything? Is my computer bugged?

I DID IT! I finally Passed Telecom

I'm so glad. But to be honest I thought I'd be running around more wildly right now. It sort of sucks that there isn't anyone around that I can run out and be like 'yay!' I did this... Watch me dance!
Working on this years Christmas Card.


Dreams Lay Dormant

December 19, 2006 Tuesday 3:08 AM Dreams Lay Dormant

It seems as though I've made a lot ofprogress towards
my robotic goals recently. Having a Windows box to run
the software right behind me makes it rather fun to 
spin around and run things. And I even hooked up the
linux iBook to my right so I can zoom back and forth to 
all 3 kinds of operating systems.
I was enjoying myself.

But what to do for Christmas gifts?

I bought enevlopes and paper yesterday. Getting ready for
a print job.

1:56 PM
Drat. Well I was sleeping in and the phone went off and
there was a female voice that was saying "hello? hello?"
And I wondered if it was..... if it was then "dang"
I should just pick up phones. Man, this is why I prefer
e mails. 
I hate to think I missed out on getting to talk to her.
Or hanging out. So.... I feel urg. ... maybe it wasn't her?
There was the sound of keyboards in the back ground right?
Or was that the other phone message?
.... man no one can contact me through the phone. 
It just doesn't work.

4:14 PM
It wasn't. She did call me back after all.

9:06 PM
Earlier I did my lanudry and spend 1 hour 
reading the Java CodeNotes book and the Artifical Intelligence
book. After that, I got a call from Emily about an Excel problem
so I figure out some things and bike down to help her.
A lot of different people have Excel questions. 

Dreams Lay Dormant
From time to time I recall thoughts from my early
life. Thoughts and aspirations I had while very young
have someone lived on. The echoes of my imagination
are still with me today. And I'm almost astonished
that in this old brain they are still around.
I must have been reminding myself of them from time
to time while feeling nostalgic.

The day I walked into the front yard and spend the 
time thinking, imagination and wondering about all
the things I could do. I would try to imagine the
stuff right there in front of me and I would get 
excited about the prospect of actually making it

Today, present day that is, I am perhaps closer to those
dreams of mine than I ever was in all the years leading
up to now. Since, the thoughts have always been there the
dreams have never died. And from these wisps of wants
I may someday bring them into existence. 

Though the delay may have been decades I might actually
pull off everything I ever dreamt of. 
Now that would be something... 

But the thing I always come back to is that one fact.
The fact that the dreams never really died. They never
really changed. They were merely placed on the shelve for
a later day. Perhaps, they will be pulled down one day
soon and for the first time in my entire life... I will
have made my dreams come true.

I had much more luck with AVR Studio than the MPLAB. I succeed at getting an asm program to compile. I even like the way they have little graphical visuals for a byte. It makes stepping through code fun to watch.
Past images... Several nights ago I tried to save a bowl of chili in the freezer but it didn't turn out well. I thought it was funny that it turned into a block of ice so I took a picture of this block of ice chili that took the shape of the container.


Movie: Blue Screening Software

December 18, 2006 Movie: Blue Screening Software 

Software Blue Screen Movie

(It will look like a white box unless you have the codec)
Though I think the newest version of quicktime actually finally supports it... I'm not entirely sure. So if there is trouble viewing. Try getting VLC
or with QuickTime Xvid Codec
I worked on this new way to get blender model editing off of the interface in into your face... well my face actually. I wanted a way to show the editing going on but not be inside the application so that I can focus attention to some of the big ideas and dazzling concepts.
Are humans domesticated? 2:52 AM The pic16F88 instruction set isn't that bad. I understand it now. Just took a few minutes of study. Feels good to see what is going on. Now if I can figure out why my pic programs are not compiling. Much to know about configuration I suppose. These ain't like those old days of BASIC in which I used to program. Well.. actually they are a bit similar. The languages[1] have a simliar structure... but I know exactly what I'm doing this time. [1] I know assembly isn't really a language. 2:23 PM Had I taken my camera there would be a lot of intersting pictures to see. Sadie, Shawn and I were going to do Joy a favor. So Sadie drove to pick me up and we took the recycling from Joy's place and found the heater on. I was glad it was discovered and turned off. While at the recycle center I found an old software box with software about will writing. Whoa. I was amused that there was software like that. Anyway, despite my tiredness and hunger I went to the campus with Shawn and printed stuff out in the lab as well as bought paper and envelopes from the book store so I could print and send Xmas cards. 4:28 PM They have a graph of number of sites on line since 1995. Whoa. That's growth. 7:45 PM Well, I went to the Red house to chop wood. It was fun but too dark to take pictures. I was moving along through old files and found a host of old images I thought I'd bring to the surface. I suppose I can write a lot of things now that I have time. But one thing I was thinking of programming was the chroma key and then taking a screen capture movie and pulling off the model I'm working on so that I can place it over myself commenting on working with models. I have reached the 30% mark on my way to achieving my objectives. But have I really? I figured out how to pull of the edit mode view and place it on top of footage so that I can comment directly on what is going on in the modeling. Despite the blue tinge on the edges I was pleased. Funny. 10:37 PM Script writing becomes very different when you write them to shoot. I find I can specify explict sound files directly into the script. And I can grab and lable clips and track and write them in as I write the script. It's sort of a mesh of creating and writing. ... Sit in front of your computer.. but don't think of it as a box on a desk... think of it as though your in the pilot seat of a very powerful machine that can take your mind to some of the most distant places and excentric ideas. Such is the power of the machine.
Someday blip will convert to flv or some other service will shine down upon me and people will actually be able to see my movies. But.. I have a flash version here for now.
Images from Past... I have a variety of me sitting like this in different shots. Not exactly the same position but similar. Ugh. I need to print more of these.
Old images of Joy...


Christmas Break Day

December 17, 2006 Sunday 12:48 PM Christmas Break Day

If only I can just wake up at my own pace.
That's when I always have those ideas.
If my life could just be calm enough for me to always
do this I wouldn't have to sacrifice all this thinking

Continuity to Discrete and Context Trees
I was thinking the other day about AI. And how there
is this big problem with context. And how machines have
this really narrow context in which they could possibly
be good.
And I was also thinking of the problem of understanding
For example, if you listen to a foreign language it sounds
like it all runs together. It is your brain that splits
up the continuous sounds and finds meaning that makes you
think like there are separate words in it. 
So, this is a huge problem for a machine.
I was thinking that the way every fact in the world
can be represented with a number as a signifier.
So I started thinking about how to go about numbering
things when I realized you could just use the ASCII values
you get for all the words... 
but then I noticed a problem. For example,
the numerical word 'cat' may represent the animal but
what signifier could represent the the actually 3 letter
symbol cat? You couldn't just do "word_cat" could you?
Because there would soon be issues with what category to 
put things in. The numbering would become complex based
on category. 
    I can thinking of category such as "concepts"
And have to attach, "concept_love" verse "love" which has
many contexts. 

So I thought this was a problem... a very basic problem of
representing knowledge of the world in a machine.

And as I awoke this morning I was thinking about a 
Context Tree. I noted that a computer tree might be
very good at helping to identify contexts. 
A very simplified version would be that one branch
might be selecting location say 'room' and other branches
of possibility would be on that branch. 
There would be a lot of cross over. For example, the 
branch 'day' goes on a lot of branches. But the system
could represent the world of possibilities and not be
rescued to having to choose and order things since that
is arbitrary. 

Further, I thought about a system that builds the tree would
be a learning system and that branch had conditions and logic...
eh.... I was waking up and I knew I hinted at some interesting
idea for logically arranging things but I lost it when i 
got up. 

Still.... the whole notions are probably worth coming back to...
which is why I decided to make these notes.

Course the above tree example is why to simple. The real version
would be very much finer grain... movement based.. momentary sounds
bits and pieces of the world that need ordering etc. 
But they can build into greater concepts... like home and a 
expert creator could go in examine the network and attach 
meanings to different aspects of the tree. 

If my mind worked like this... I can see that all my wonderings
are just through the vast tree of consciousness. 

8:55 PM

I thought of a Artistic Styled movie where every shot is 
an impressionistic close up.
I started thinking of other movie possiblities and ones
I had not done. I hadn't done the juggling one. 
And I thought about what the most important thing to cover
during this break would be. 
I've been thinking of summeriziing the Contract and where
I began. I realized this is the first Jan 1 where I have
a open platform on which to speak about the thing.
I think people might understand and be caught by it.
Maybe even help me out.

Good Places for Learning on line
I'm not talking about on line coureses or
formal digital classes but videos of people talking
about different things.
course my connection always breaks with RealAudio player. Grrr

And TED talks

I liked this one a lot

Hans Rosling Presentation

A quick knight chess piece modeling job.

Little too wide.

Images from the past I had just gotten the new 3 CCD camera and used it to record talking with my family vai iChatAV. I was frustrated back when I was building that computer in class last semester. While searching for the oldest joke in the book I ran out of time and had to go borrow it from the library. wink. wink.


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