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The 11th Hour

December 11, 2006 Monday 11:24 PM The 11th Hour

Regularly Scheduled  Chris World 
will not be viewed tonight
due to Finals (all on one day)

"Take the test, or have the test take you"

It was suppose to be a study day. But all was for naught when the Software Engineering group called all of us together for 5 plus hours. Insane. This is not how I work. I do not work at the 11th hour before something is due the next day. It's not me. And I was prisoner while I watched my ability to put in a full day of studying diminish. And how much sleep could I possibility grant myself for a full day of testing or presenting from 10am till 7pm This is not good. I try to shake the feeling. I have to lock out everything for the next 12 hours. ... It was so fitting though. The way there has been thunder and lighting all day today. And very heavy rain that soaked through my shoes and made the street a river with an inch or more of water. It was almost perfect for the state of things. I need to set a lot of alarms tonight considering that Arcata has a history of power going on when it gets stormy like this.

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