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Better But Still....

December 13, 2006 Wednesday 7:27 PM Bit Better But Still....

It was good to recline and relax for a while in the library
today. I actually got to lay back and think of things for once.
And now I can begin to get back to important things.

Only... why does my conscious feel like rusty nails right now?
Could it be because my family wants me home but I want to remain 
up here? OR is it that they can't really understand why
and I fear they will come to wrong conclusions. 


There have been many thoughts. I do enjoy those thoughtful days
when I get to spend a deal of time thinking about a lot 
of things. The thoughts ranged from AI, to robotics and art and
then to video game design with a host of socially minded ideas
here and there. 

I walked about in the dark prepared for rain but relativity warm
and enjoyed my time greatly. The walk was what I needed to help
settle myself. 

I seem to not be able to write much ... it's  rarer situation when
I have lots of things to think about but I don't quite feel
like writing them. ... just thinking them...

I tend to write short check in entries when my life gets busy.
And I feel the stress. That is why the past days have been 
pretty sparse. 
If I had a meter graphic for work load then it would be obvious
but the reduced about of text is a good hint.
On days when I get to stay in and tend to many different thoughts
the entries grow quite long. 

It's going to be another break and I want to make very
good use of the time.

I think the real problem I face is the whole Distraction interrupting
problem. Yes, finals week and papers destroyed my train of
work. But how do I recovery? I have to trace back to what I was
last busy with.... and luckily of luck I just so happen to have
this thing called a journal that can remind me to start back
where I left off. 

All I have to do is rewind my life to the point before things went
hectic and decided if I want to continue with that work or not.

Very nice Journal effect it is. One of the most useful one's I 

so 11 days ago it was the modeling guitar movie. I guess I could
continue with modeling a guitar.

Before that I welcomed December with a Christmas hat and was working
on the dragon head. 

If I go WAY back I had this program I was fasinated with... the one
where I want to use to analyze my humming files and then pull
notes out of it. .... Need to wait till I know Fourier Transforms I suppose.

It was so nice that she did that. A mocca Made with Love. Thanks Marie.

From the archives...

I've always had my way with words when naming computer things. A long time ago I did a petry dish experiment. (don't know the spelling on the word) Nice pic. Yeah, that's about right.

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