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Christmas Break Day

December 17, 2006 Sunday 12:48 PM Christmas Break Day

If only I can just wake up at my own pace.
That's when I always have those ideas.
If my life could just be calm enough for me to always
do this I wouldn't have to sacrifice all this thinking

Continuity to Discrete and Context Trees
I was thinking the other day about AI. And how there
is this big problem with context. And how machines have
this really narrow context in which they could possibly
be good.
And I was also thinking of the problem of understanding
For example, if you listen to a foreign language it sounds
like it all runs together. It is your brain that splits
up the continuous sounds and finds meaning that makes you
think like there are separate words in it. 
So, this is a huge problem for a machine.
I was thinking that the way every fact in the world
can be represented with a number as a signifier.
So I started thinking about how to go about numbering
things when I realized you could just use the ASCII values
you get for all the words... 
but then I noticed a problem. For example,
the numerical word 'cat' may represent the animal but
what signifier could represent the the actually 3 letter
symbol cat? You couldn't just do "word_cat" could you?
Because there would soon be issues with what category to 
put things in. The numbering would become complex based
on category. 
    I can thinking of category such as "concepts"
And have to attach, "concept_love" verse "love" which has
many contexts. 

So I thought this was a problem... a very basic problem of
representing knowledge of the world in a machine.

And as I awoke this morning I was thinking about a 
Context Tree. I noted that a computer tree might be
very good at helping to identify contexts. 
A very simplified version would be that one branch
might be selecting location say 'room' and other branches
of possibility would be on that branch. 
There would be a lot of cross over. For example, the 
branch 'day' goes on a lot of branches. But the system
could represent the world of possibilities and not be
rescued to having to choose and order things since that
is arbitrary. 

Further, I thought about a system that builds the tree would
be a learning system and that branch had conditions and logic...
eh.... I was waking up and I knew I hinted at some interesting
idea for logically arranging things but I lost it when i 
got up. 

Still.... the whole notions are probably worth coming back to...
which is why I decided to make these notes.

Course the above tree example is why to simple. The real version
would be very much finer grain... movement based.. momentary sounds
bits and pieces of the world that need ordering etc. 
But they can build into greater concepts... like home and a 
expert creator could go in examine the network and attach 
meanings to different aspects of the tree. 

If my mind worked like this... I can see that all my wonderings
are just through the vast tree of consciousness. 

8:55 PM

I thought of a Artistic Styled movie where every shot is 
an impressionistic close up.
I started thinking of other movie possiblities and ones
I had not done. I hadn't done the juggling one. 
And I thought about what the most important thing to cover
during this break would be. 
I've been thinking of summeriziing the Contract and where
I began. I realized this is the first Jan 1 where I have
a open platform on which to speak about the thing.
I think people might understand and be caught by it.
Maybe even help me out.

Good Places for Learning on line
I'm not talking about on line coureses or
formal digital classes but videos of people talking
about different things.
course my connection always breaks with RealAudio player. Grrr

And TED talks

I liked this one a lot

Hans Rosling Presentation

A quick knight chess piece modeling job.

Little too wide.

Images from the past I had just gotten the new 3 CCD camera and used it to record talking with my family vai iChatAV. I was frustrated back when I was building that computer in class last semester. While searching for the oldest joke in the book I ran out of time and had to go borrow it from the library. wink. wink.

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