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The Day my Net Died

December 26, 2006 Monday 10:12 PM The Day my Net Died

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I've been far too lazy this break. Though there is plenty
more time to be lazy AND still do some things I kept saying
I'd do if I only had more time... but to do those things
I need to make a plan. .... And I will.
Right after I get fed up with these distractions.
There was a time when my computer was not hooked up to the
net. There was a time when all I did or could do was, writing,
programming, editing movies, watching movies and that was it.
It seems that with that net connection came more than just 
a world of Open Source Software and communication.... there
came a world of distraction.
And I wonder from time to time... what were the distractions of
those ages before all this hussle and bustle?
I mean back in Newtons' day what was there to be distracted about?
Am I at some kind of disadvantage because I have many many ways
to be distracted? .. or maybe I'm just better off with all the
extra informationl influences. I do get a lot from teh good work
of others and it's only through this system that I can
benefit from it. 

So, I suppose it's left up to me to control myself. And refocus
on what I feel is important. ... Luckily there still is 
quite a lot of time for that sort of thing.

The Day my Net Died
Technically, the next day.... but I have no way
to update the entry until much much later... Or when
ever the net connection comes back alive.
At first I thought it wasn't going to be very long
before it returned. But most of the day went by
and nothing still. I tried to call someone and found the
lines were busy. I automatically remembered my telecomm
course and imagined the physical circuit networks. 
I decided to go out and see if more than just my place
had lost the net. AS I walked out into the night I noticed
the eerie quietness of the town. It really died completely
since school let out. I suppose it was pretty late too.
Inside my friends place I discovered the net was down 
there as well. Well, at least I know it wasn't a lack of
paying bills or something. I'll just go home and take care
of some harddrive cleaning. 

Least the power isn't out... but at the store today I picked
up some batteries just in case. This time of year tends
to be notorious for power outs. I keep waiting for one.
But luckily nothing yet... though the net outage isn't 
very thrilling either. It could be worse.

I got rid of the bulking extra monitor because I got some VNC software working on the borrowed windows machine. So I can bring it up on my Mac Screen. The basic of all basic chroma plugins just can't cut it even with a very very good green screen. How did they do it? By the way this image comes from one of GALACTICASTS web movies put out under the CC 2.5 lincense. Check them out at 4:27 AM Dang it. Google Search is so fickle. Chris world is only number one for a few days and then blam. Not anymore. But still, I'll look back to that golden era when I showed up first for once! Good thing I took a picture. 4:47 PM whoa, I got up earlier then went back to bed and I woke up in the pm's of the am's when I last wrote... whoa. Anyway, I realized I originally had a site where I was going to have all these different sections and I was goign to have a movie on all these different sections but that site died due ot hosting problems. But now I realize I"m doing the same thing again only I completely forgot that I wanted to do the 'how to' movie deal on every page.
Images from the past... An image from a past more simpler time... I used to walk around my pool and think about things.

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