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December 23, 2006

December 23, 2006 Saturday 1:05 AM

Well, with no more shoots scheduled I'm back
to making the day up as I go. I have more to write
up and more to edit but I feel I've been neglecting
the software side of things. Perhaps also the blender
side of things.. And I have yet to contact Marie.
Not that contacting people is going very well this 
break. Perhaps, at some point I will accept that fact
and retreat from things in an attempt to really
refocus my energy. 

My foot still really hurts.

3:20 PM
Someone used my "At Your Service" web form. I was like
whoa! someone actually used this. And then I had to 
e mail the person saying I hadn't really fully 
completed the form. So.... um could you like e mail
me theh ol' fashion way?

I was so delighted to wake up to the request.
At first I thought it was spam.. until I realzied it was
my own form!

My Christmas Eve Card is done and ready to be sent
out to people. But I'm waiting till The 24th to do that.

This break I'm spending more time to do movies right.
I wrote the script for "Tis The Season" on Thursday
and filmed the principle footage on Friday. Then
I ediited and added effects to it that night and uploaded
it to revver. Where it will spend some time getting cleared
before I can use the movie anywhere. 
So, it's one movie that I streched over a few days. 

My new emphasis is on thinking over the details and 
improving the quality of my creations. It's all becauase
I don't like collecting this reputation for doing well
stuff that I know I could do better.

9:10 PM
It's in those half awake and half asleep moments in which
I lay upon my bed in the dark that ideas pass over me
the fastest. I jump from one kernal of truth to another
sometimes staying or hanging upon one for a bit longer 
repeating it in my brain... and then sometimes jumping from
idea to idea trying not to forget all the different things
I've had thought and will think about. 
I gave myself a bit of a headache.. if that was the cause..
But more likely it's because i haven't had a solid meal 
today yet. I suppose I'll tend to that then.

But of those things I was thinking about....

The Quality of Thoughts
Given that a thing called philosophy exists it might
be fair to say that there are some lines of thought
that are just higher quality that others. 
Lines of thought where the thinker has carefully choosen
his or her premises based on avoidance of common 
cognitive biases. Thoughts can be clearly spaced out
and linked in logical orderly ways and possible issues
can be identified. Perhaps, there is such a thing as 'good thinking'
and maybe I've gotten better at it every since I began.

I know I thought of other things. I thought about the 
personal fabrication. I thought about how a mer commuincty
based socciety could arrise from the idas of Open Source and
such fabrication. I thought about rewinding the clock a bit
and using electronic componants such as relays to build
machines that can replace themsevles. 
I thought of powergenartion machines that can duplicate.
Or collect water and grow plants to make plastics from
in order to copy themselves. 
I thought of The Death of Death.
I thought of many many things.
And I always grow nervous when I don't write about them 
as soon as I get the idea because if I didn't I'd forget
very quickly. That's why I always kept repeating things
to myself. It was a way of remembering.. only know I tend
to use the written word a my storage tank of thoughts.

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