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December 4, 2006

December 4, 2006 Monday 
It's such a delicate balence.
I want to put movies up regularly.
But I also want to put up quality work.
So, there has to be a balence between regular posting and
quality that I just 'haven't reached yet. 
It wouldn't be the best to just have lots and lots of lower quality 
It would be better to work on good ideas that are written out and prepared
and make sure to do it everynight. So there would be something
'regular' about the movies. 
Clearly, right now there is a gap between what I am imagening and what
I am producing. And it's not good. 
The only way to shorten the gap is to take more time to make the things
right, and if I'm lucky then maybe somewhere in there I can post more
regularly given I get a system down. 

I'm coming close to 2007 and I haven't yet decided on my 2006 card.
Well, actually I think I have. The biggest event of the year that will
continue to affect other years is going Open with the Journal. And the
movie posting. So, acknowledgeing that is important. 

If I know and important date is coming up I can prepare for a movie 
to commemorate that. 

10:55 PM
Ack. I can't believe I lost my many movies spree.
It was such a good run.. for a time.

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