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December 7, 2006

December 7, 2006 Thursday 12:38 PM

"Paid and laid are only one letter apart"

== Letter to friend Well **************, It's been a pleasure meeting you this semester. Good to know nice people exist in the world. I wish you all the best in your college adventures the social ones, the academic ones and the imaginary ones. I hope that you will meet each day with resilience to it's hazards and hope for the future. Keep dancing and learning and hugging people you care about. Really, it's been nice getting to work on various things with you. It usually brightened my day. So thank you. I was going through sort of a hard time this semester but all the people I met in COMM class made all the difference. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated it. So thank you and have a great break. -chris till next time we get to hang out, or talk, or message or just remember. ===== end of letter ... .... 5:28 PM ouch It is not with great enthuasim that I write this now. News has come in those stranges ways that it does while going about life as usual or no so usual as some may have it. I sat there in shock at the screen. There was miscommunication. But despite that... a message was clear... Footsteps came down the hall as I was at a friends house when I read the spiney thing. The quills still stuck in my eye's and heart. I couldn't help but to tear up and quickly decided to depart alone into the dark. I walked quickly with storms surrounding me. The cold was chewing on my fists. It seemed both a dream and as a matter of fact as the rest of my bitten life would have. I walked home in a cold that cloaked both my body and my soul and as I stepped inside to type. It clung the way bats do with claws upon my heart and decided to make home. All I could think of was this pain. This painful pain that I grow more tired of everytime every day it happens. It makes me think. .... .... Might I? .... .... Retire from the Social Realm more completely than I already Am? Where is my life 'really' going? What is the effect of all these minor disasters to make the bulk of my that extra piece of life something I would rather put away than take out and cut myself with. If the present pace were to keep up... where am I to find myself in the future? Not a place where many people would dwell. Just I. And my own little imagination for which I would play card tricks of cognition for decades before I finally completel collapse away.

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