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December 8, 2006

December 8, 2006 Friday 2:50 PM
I came home to find out that an automated survey used up on the
remaining memory on my answering machine by running in a loop.
That really sucks. I was waiting for a whole lot of people to 
return calls. 

Looks like I feel pretty sober and solem about a whole lot of 
things. And a storm may be comming so I'm really hoping it
doesn't knock out the power. I have one more very big paper
to write and it's absolutely impossible to do without the net.

.... later ....

If I said I was down. I don't think that would quite cover
it. I'm so down that I can't manage to put anything of interest
up. I'm lethargic and don't want to think anymore.

And I have studying to do. And paper to write.
And .... it's at least coming to a close. 

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