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Dreams Lay Dormant

December 19, 2006 Tuesday 3:08 AM Dreams Lay Dormant

It seems as though I've made a lot ofprogress towards
my robotic goals recently. Having a Windows box to run
the software right behind me makes it rather fun to 
spin around and run things. And I even hooked up the
linux iBook to my right so I can zoom back and forth to 
all 3 kinds of operating systems.
I was enjoying myself.

But what to do for Christmas gifts?

I bought enevlopes and paper yesterday. Getting ready for
a print job.

1:56 PM
Drat. Well I was sleeping in and the phone went off and
there was a female voice that was saying "hello? hello?"
And I wondered if it was..... if it was then "dang"
I should just pick up phones. Man, this is why I prefer
e mails. 
I hate to think I missed out on getting to talk to her.
Or hanging out. So.... I feel urg. ... maybe it wasn't her?
There was the sound of keyboards in the back ground right?
Or was that the other phone message?
.... man no one can contact me through the phone. 
It just doesn't work.

4:14 PM
It wasn't. She did call me back after all.

9:06 PM
Earlier I did my lanudry and spend 1 hour 
reading the Java CodeNotes book and the Artifical Intelligence
book. After that, I got a call from Emily about an Excel problem
so I figure out some things and bike down to help her.
A lot of different people have Excel questions. 

Dreams Lay Dormant
From time to time I recall thoughts from my early
life. Thoughts and aspirations I had while very young
have someone lived on. The echoes of my imagination
are still with me today. And I'm almost astonished
that in this old brain they are still around.
I must have been reminding myself of them from time
to time while feeling nostalgic.

The day I walked into the front yard and spend the 
time thinking, imagination and wondering about all
the things I could do. I would try to imagine the
stuff right there in front of me and I would get 
excited about the prospect of actually making it

Today, present day that is, I am perhaps closer to those
dreams of mine than I ever was in all the years leading
up to now. Since, the thoughts have always been there the
dreams have never died. And from these wisps of wants
I may someday bring them into existence. 

Though the delay may have been decades I might actually
pull off everything I ever dreamt of. 
Now that would be something... 

But the thing I always come back to is that one fact.
The fact that the dreams never really died. They never
really changed. They were merely placed on the shelve for
a later day. Perhaps, they will be pulled down one day
soon and for the first time in my entire life... I will
have made my dreams come true.

I had much more luck with AVR Studio than the MPLAB. I succeed at getting an asm program to compile. I even like the way they have little graphical visuals for a byte. It makes stepping through code fun to watch.
Past images... Several nights ago I tried to save a bowl of chili in the freezer but it didn't turn out well. I thought it was funny that it turned into a block of ice so I took a picture of this block of ice chili that took the shape of the container.

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