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December 29, 2006 Friday 3:30 AM Face Modeled
I managed to find another USB extention cable.
This allowed me to get my keyboad all the way to my bed
In which case I am now able to type while reclining.
Combined with the ability to zoom the screen I can type in
relative comfort though it takes a little getting used to 
at first. 
The last time I was typing like this I was using the Ubuntu
laptop and VNC. Though it proved a bit unappealing due to the
time lag nature of the thing. 

I don't know what to call those half thoughts. They are
something like day dreams. They are those wisphy moments
when I almost have a notion of an idea... but I can't 
quite grasp it. I think one of them was about programming.
Not the actually programing but the angle I would want
to present about it. 
I know I want to make it something exciting... or more
like show the artistic side. I might end up taking out
some of the magic and the myster it holds to those whom
do not know how to programming... that is if they consider
the thing mysterious and almost mystical in the first place.
But I want to find a way to give a visual, and take a 
perspective that brings it to life. Somethign that shows
the coder as more of a magicion or an architect of 
information. ... But how can I? The idea is to vague even
in my mind. I know what the end result in the audience
should be... but I can not figure how to get there or
even remotely begin to try.

Perhaps, I should go write my script pitches. I have 
to catch at least some of those ideas before they get 
away. I've been a bit lazy during this break so far.
Not entirely sure why I'm shying away from what I really
should be doing in order to achieve things. ... But 
regardless... I'd best get back to it.
mmmm I love typing while reclining. Now if only my feet
weren't this cold.

3:24 PM
Open Source Software Means Some Assembly Required.
Currently looking into cinelerra some obscure build
that a fellow got to work for Darwin. 

XvidFree DV doesn't like audio very much. Ouch.

10:16 PM
I do not know why I ruminate upon people whom have
done things to me. All it does it get me upset. 
And that's not very helpful.

I'm dienchanted with AvidFreeDV I thought that if only
the audio was working properly I could use the dang thing
to speed my editing.. but no. And no help from any forums.
That just makes it worse.

I was testing some constraints and accidently wound up with this. I like it. The contrast in computer grid and organic tree is interesting. I picked up on the face model again. Only this time I made it wooden. And I fleshed it out more. Welp. That's my first face form. It's a bit knuckled but It's a face.
10:16 PM I have worked the face a bit more and experimented with materials. I use control-R to find bad face loops. And I think this is one of them. My first face attempt has some pretty poorly meshed quads. But this version is much smoother than the original from earlier. Some material enhancement is interesting too.

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