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Fountain Follow Up

December 15, 2006 Friday 2:11 AM Fountain Follow Up

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Minor Ramblings Late one Night vim didn't have syntax highlighting and nano just isn't up to snuff... so what do I do? What do you do when you thought you were really tired and it was late but not that late so you go to bed thinking that was it for the night then wake up about an hour and a half later fully awake? I sat up and started up the ubuntu mac laptop. Hadn't used it in some time. Didn't even turn on a light to set it up. Been meaning to write a lot more lately. I've been tending to have ideas. I've been reading magazines like Psychology Today And watching Aurthor C. Clarkes Mysterious Universe 2 episodes. I recognized the title credits vaguely. It reminded me of the past subconsciencouly I suppose. I check out a book on AI. Combined with the text book Josh dropped off I can embark on interesting reading. If it wasn't for this final meeting tomorrow my break would have already started. And I go nowhere this break. Will Christmas be sad alone? Or will I have company? I seem to have forgotten how to use ubuntu. I even forgot what troubles I had to resolve to set it up. I should have made more of an effort to catch that stuff. I don't even remember what buttons to press to go to single user mode and back. ... I love days that are thoughtful. When I really feel like I had exciting things to think about and that I made some sort of progress. I think the feeling dates back to that first time when I was out walking about in the front yard of the Atlee house and I imaged seeing and building all that stuff. It was the first time I used my imagination like that and got carried away. I'm sure all the imaginary play was up there to. But it was the realization that I could be walking around thinking about things and it felt good. The feeling of thinking and following thoughts along. ... I look at my laptop and see that it is such a different computer. The hardware is the same. Same worn useless battery. Same broken CD tray. But the OS is now Linux. And the capability blows Classic Mac OS away. I'm glad that the PPC Linux exists so that I can get exposure to the OS. It even freed up a lot of memory on the 10 GB hard-drive. ... I know that this next semester. The Spring 2007 one could be someone busy. 18 units + Job will be a bit trying but I need it. I need the work. And the experience ought to be good. And I know that the code I'll be working with will be free for all to use so I feel good about the whole thing in general. I know there were big things that could go on in the same semester. Things that were not exactly mine but others are putting forth. Voting Integrity with Open Source Software The Open Voting Movement. The Web Technology Seminars (the first meeting was yesterday) And though I haven't made the blogging presentation outline yet I'm excited about it. I even realized I could do that short promo using the hands effects... eh hard to describe it but I can see it in my head. It's like the commercial with the shot of the chest and hands and graphics appear as he or she gestures. I wanted to mimic it but for introducing blog tools, CMS, wiki RSS etc. The truth is I wanted to do the effect but didn't know what sort of thing I wanted to present. This sounds like a good idea and for a good cause too. Candice is sure to have more business stuff to handle And I'm sure I'll be there to support that. 2:30 AM I'm hungry... I may just have to get up and eat noodles. I have a considerable number of hours before I have to wake up though. I can still be awake enough to make a meeting I don't want to go to in the first place. ... I think my mind is turned towards quality not quantity. Take this inbetween I'm coming in upon. Movie Ideas for it include The Intro to Marie "The Who's in my Life" sort of style I have yet to develops Something for New years 2007 Like a recap of 2006? But I'm thinking about mentioning the Contract. Contract 2014. If I dare discuss it. I feel better about bringing it up now. Maybe I should get a copy of it notarized. I could have done it at the beginning, but now is just as good I guess. I'd just be dragging up excess if I kept naming things. I'm sure I have previous notes on what I'd like to make. There's always lots to shoot for but only so much I'd care to manage. I know there's more but it depends on what I really want to focus on during the break. It may even be more web tech. and writing oriented. That might mean scripts. Now that I have a multi blog system up I can stretch out. It's generally a good thing. I have yet to complete the NEW journal software. That is a very long time coming. The last i worked on it I had auto generated journal folders. I want to have it ready for 2007. (I've said that before in a journal and I spent the rest of the year in a plain ASCII text file.. go figure) Perhaps now that I am more code minded (as a result of learning py Blender API's) I'll get the lead out. I have screen shots of the nights I made the effort to code things.... that ought to come back. Last break I did some good work cleaning out the old break files. So, I'll put them to tape and continue to re order old files. ... What about something about gifts. Make those things for relatives.
Now in the day....
4:13 PM Fountain Detective If ever I were to have an adventure. It might have been today.... or sort of. It began when I walked into the library after the final SE meeting and seeing Shawn and Sadie. And I went to the Reference desk... and asked about the ugly fountain. Well, a long time ago Coffey told me some student made a video about the ugly fountain. This was a cracked and broken fountain that sat in the middle of the art quad for decades. A student produced a documentary and I happened to find it. And 14 minates later I was entralled by the story and how well done the documentary was. So, I decided I should do a folllow up. I walked out to the art quad and took pictures of where the fountain had been. It had finally been turned into a planter. Which ironicially enough was what it started out as. I sort of walked to a few different places. I visited Marie in the art building. I walked to Plant Ops. And there I asked when the fountain was filled in. I couldn't believe it. I actually got a copy of the work order for the fill in. So it was August of 2004 when the thing happened. So, the documentary was made 1998 6 years later the fountain is no more. And then on Dec. 15, 2006 (today) I do a follow up. I can see how history has unfolded for just this one thing. It's been very intriguing. I was exicted to get the forms on the very same day I watched the documentary. I was delighted to obtain the sheet and thanked them very much. They probably thought I was very strange for wanting such a thing. I wondered whether or not the documenatry had an effect on someone. Or that the thing was just filled in without regard for it. Anyway, after the whole documentary thing I was pretty exciting and happily walking around. The day would continue to surpise me. As I ran into Kasper a female whom I met the very first few weeks I came to HSU and she showed me an art set up she was presenting this day. I spoke with her for some time in the SBS Air center. She says she'll send me some images from the gallery she set up. After that, I spoke to Candice again. And said good bye and promised I would help her more with site work on her new company. And then after all that, I left to walk home where I see Alex and Ruth. Then Amber... then I get home and I find 3 messages from Joy. Apparently, she had come by and was desperately trying to get in touch with me. I thought she was staying. I didn't know she was going. Anyway, since she is apparently now going away we went out to a Taco Bell in Eureka. And then back to her place to hang out for a bit.. when later Zara and Lizzie show up. And I had a lot of fun dancing about and talking with all of them.

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Chris! We used to watch Arthur C. Clarke's Mysterious World when you were a larva.

Well, in grade school anyway.


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