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Give the Gift of Open Source

December 21, 2006 Thursday Give the Gift of Open Source

This holiday season give the gift of Open Source.
Tell your friends and family they don't need that properity stuff.
Tell them they can be free of payments and free minded.

I wrote several letters and sent them out today. I'm a bit
worn out on the whole writing thing right now. I notice
I tend to get conversational when I write for a considerable
amount of time. I suppose that's one of the side effects of having
a journal that I write in every night slash day.

Businesses Keep track of Everything digital.
Didn't know it came out. I was thinking about that before I 
ever heard about it. on mobuzz.

5:10 PM
If you ever visit the doctor at a later date It's good to have
a record of what hurts and when and for how long.
For one thing, I have no idea why my right foot hurts so much.
I worry that it might be infected. I'm recording the fact it's
been something like 3 days. Though, it looks completely fine.
I really don't know why. 

Just another use of keeping track.

I woke myself up a bit too early. ( I get like 6 or 7 hours of sleep 
instead of 8 or 9) The thing about that is that it's not that I 
sleep more during a break but I get to go to bed when I'm 
tired and wake up on my own bodies schedule. This is the most
efficient way and I feel the best when I can do this.
Only thing is since I stay up later and later I lose my daylight
hours. And that is something I wish was different. I wish
the daylight could start when I wake up and then get dark when 
I sleep. It would be nice if the whole universe could just
accompidate my sleeping in life style. 
Oh well....

I did wake up and hang out with Liz today. We played air hockey
at Round Table and walked and talked. I notice seeing someone
tends to break in the day a bit. It doesn't encoarch too much
on time but it loosesns up the montonous of my daily efforts
to pull things off. 
I'm really torn between the whole seeing and not seeing people.
The issues began a very very long time ago. I actually have a 
note book with an entry that talks about it. To this day, I'm
not quite sure how to handle or make decisions based on it.

I thought about sending Hallmark a card.. should I do it?

11:18 PM
Uh oh, I hope cabin fever isn't sinking in. Naw. It's just
that nagging voice saying "why are you working on this or that?"

Josh and Tracy came by tonight. It was unexpected and I decided
to eat my noodles upstairs.

I asked the library for permision to shoot my short movie
today. I'm going to get camera stuff ready for tomorrow 

Late last night I wrote and printed letters for relatives and friends. That's a first for this time of year for me. I saw Liz today. I was indeed seen by Liz as well. Liz and I went to a pizza place where she played a game. I don't think she was doing very well. While walking behind the library I snagged a few books from this thing. I now owe a Math book for elementary school teachers.

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