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How the Web was Lost? And Other Things.

December 14, 2006 Thursday How the Web was Lost? And Other Things.

Or not quite yet.

It's about time I focus more on this.

net neutrality

Net Neutrality
Save the Internet | Rock the Vote Very interesting Metaphor "A bill that would have allowed telecommunications and cable companies to prioritise Internet content by allowing higher-speed information delivery for higher-paying customers, has died." next battle? hope. We still need solid laws that protect Net Neutrality. Amendments to Bill of rights anyway?
Camera Man Chris Portrait
8:21 PM That girl from lab. The one I gave the letter too e mailed me. I couldn't believe it. I never expected her to write me. I thought, "yeah, she'll just think I'm strange and stuff" So I was completely taken a back by the e mail I recived tonight. Whoa. I have to write a long reply. .... Currently, I have a sinus headache or something... I'm all 'ouch' up there. I spend some time in the library after going to a meeting at 5.

In the Meeting..

We discussed Web Technologies and promoting the use of CMS and other technologies to help HSU clubs utilize the web better. So it's exciting to think that may be going on in February. ... It's getting windy I gotta post before power goes out.

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