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Laundry Stake Out Mov: Modeling Guitar

December 2, 2006 Saturday 1:10 AM Laundry Stake Out Mov: Modeling Guitar

(It will look like a white box unless you have the codec)
Though I think the newest version of quicktime actually finally supports it... I'm not entirely sure. So if there is trouble viewing. Try getting VLC
or with QuickTime Xvid Codec
I guess I wanted to show off my new found modeling skills by showcasing my guitar so far and talking about all the extra detail I want to add. I spiced it up with some of the 3D shots I rendered with Blender.
I think my suspeicions may be affirmed. Is he really having 'us' do his research for him? It's not ethical to use students like that. It can't be. And I feel betrayed. Even the main project has that feel. 2:07 PM so what happened was... I wake up to some sort of thumping noise. And I ignore it at first. But it sounds a bit like someone knocking on my door. ... After a while I get up to see. No one is there. And it's very cold. I do turn on my computer just to have it on. But I get back under the covers. I can't really fall asleep so I get back up check e mail. And there's a message telling me I need to do this thing for the SE Project immedilaty. So then I grumble about the fact I have to go through this whole process in the cold, not under covers.... And I stand there for a minute. Before, I finally just do the thing. I try to go back under the covers by this time. But I'm pretty sure I won't fall asleep. So, I lay there. Thinking about how I want to be warm under the covers but I can't sleep and I have much to do on the computer... which would mean I will be cold. And so, I waste about 2 hours in this state before I just get up anyway. 5:03 PM I called a girl. She said she would call back. She hasn't called back. ... Should I take this as a hint? 8:49 PM Laundry Stake Out A guess a day doesn't have a story until something happens. That's funny because I thought there was always something to say... just not something so vivid to talk about. I find I have become more sharpened these days. How different it is to be alive now and to be able to dream of what I once would have done in this scenario. Almost an un-scenario but still one just the same. I'll never really know what happened but I know exactly what I intended to do given what I think happened. And so it is this. I sat, back against wall, in the bright florescent lights of the town-homes common laundry room. The rumbling hum of the dryer filled the room as it made it's last rounds on my clothes for the night. I had no idea that when I started my laundry this night there would be such a fight. Earlier, I had placed my shirts into the dryer. That was the first time. The normal time, just one run and I was going to walk back to remove them after having been writing my paper for telecomm. I came back to find the machine had not fully dried my shirts. I thought that strange. Usually one hour on ex hot gets them completely dry. I thought it merely an unforeseen inconvenience and went back to my room to pay the machine another dollar twenty-five. I leave and with suspicions I decided to go back and check on my machine. I leave my half cooked noodles in the pot and return to the dryer. It was off. I balk a bit then go back once more to get change to feed the machine. This time I make a decision. I'm going to stake out the remaining dry time and make absolute sure no one is coming in and turning off this machine nor the machine doing it to itself. So, I run back to my room once more, grab the audio recorder, ender the laundry room once more and sit down atop my blue laundry bucket. I cross my arms as I stare determinedly at the newly humming dryer. Why had it stopped? I thought. Was it the machine? Naw, that can't be likely and even then I changed the machines so it wasn't the same one. I sat and moments passed. As moments brushed by I began getting more agitated. Did someone really turn off my dryer? Why? The noise, the laundry room has an operational policy that states you may only do laundry between 7am and 9pm. It was 8 something and had someone really come in to turn off the machine to 'quiet it down' then they were acting outside of the parameters set forth by the landlord in the agreement. If they had done it once. and then again. Then they might come down to do it a third time. That wasn't going to happen. I thought. As I got up to pace the small white room. I was here waiting for them in an effort to prevent myself from having to deal with a pile of wet shirts sitting around. I thought, perhaps it won't be eventful. I really didn't know due to the fact I was speculating on both accounts. All I know is that my laundry keeps getting interrupted and it's now the last hour of operational laundry room time. It was going to get done or else. I paced around thinking about what to say to the next person that comes to the laundry room. I had the door closed so I was ready to record any conversation in a blatant fashion. Gripping the device made me feel so much better. I felt it put me at an advantage. I also knew my case was solid so if I could only find out if there was indeed 'someone' turning off my machine to quiet the place done I was ready to confront them. This wasn't the kind of person I always was. But I am now. Least, to a larger extent, since September. I suppose, luckily no one stopped by, and I removed my freshly dried shirts after having guarded them for the last 30 minutes. This whole ordeal was a very annoying waste of my time. So, I went back to my room. Bucket-o-laundry in hand and dumped them out onto my bed. People live right above the laundry room. I'm sure the can hear the thing go off. Why else is it that it's between those hours? Perhaps, a final conclusion to this story is required. I'll be sure to write a letter to the landlord or post a paper in the laundry room to recognize this situation if it had indeed occurred. 11:21 PM movie production notes from start to finish (not including shooting time) 93 minutes When I do more CG stuff it takes a whole lot longer. And every render wasn't even full quality. Out of 93 min total... 21.5% upload time 18.3% rough editing 64.5% CG enhancement (and that's with a model that was already constructed) Still pretty quick for me. ... so quick lots of editing errors begin to appear. iMovie is beginning to get on my nerves with all the edits I have to make. It's difficult to get the cuts where I want them. Maybe if Blender had a better sequencer...
Modeling Guitar flash version
Solid gutiar there. And wireframe for the wireframe fanatics.

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