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Movie: Blue Screening Software

December 18, 2006 Movie: Blue Screening Software 

Software Blue Screen Movie

(It will look like a white box unless you have the codec)
Though I think the newest version of quicktime actually finally supports it... I'm not entirely sure. So if there is trouble viewing. Try getting VLC
or with QuickTime Xvid Codec
I worked on this new way to get blender model editing off of the interface in into your face... well my face actually. I wanted a way to show the editing going on but not be inside the application so that I can focus attention to some of the big ideas and dazzling concepts.
Are humans domesticated? 2:52 AM The pic16F88 instruction set isn't that bad. I understand it now. Just took a few minutes of study. Feels good to see what is going on. Now if I can figure out why my pic programs are not compiling. Much to know about configuration I suppose. These ain't like those old days of BASIC in which I used to program. Well.. actually they are a bit similar. The languages[1] have a simliar structure... but I know exactly what I'm doing this time. [1] I know assembly isn't really a language. 2:23 PM Had I taken my camera there would be a lot of intersting pictures to see. Sadie, Shawn and I were going to do Joy a favor. So Sadie drove to pick me up and we took the recycling from Joy's place and found the heater on. I was glad it was discovered and turned off. While at the recycle center I found an old software box with software about will writing. Whoa. I was amused that there was software like that. Anyway, despite my tiredness and hunger I went to the campus with Shawn and printed stuff out in the lab as well as bought paper and envelopes from the book store so I could print and send Xmas cards. 4:28 PM They have a graph of number of sites on line since 1995. Whoa. That's growth. 7:45 PM Well, I went to the Red house to chop wood. It was fun but too dark to take pictures. I was moving along through old files and found a host of old images I thought I'd bring to the surface. I suppose I can write a lot of things now that I have time. But one thing I was thinking of programming was the chroma key and then taking a screen capture movie and pulling off the model I'm working on so that I can place it over myself commenting on working with models. I have reached the 30% mark on my way to achieving my objectives. But have I really? I figured out how to pull of the edit mode view and place it on top of footage so that I can comment directly on what is going on in the modeling. Despite the blue tinge on the edges I was pleased. Funny. 10:37 PM Script writing becomes very different when you write them to shoot. I find I can specify explict sound files directly into the script. And I can grab and lable clips and track and write them in as I write the script. It's sort of a mesh of creating and writing. ... Sit in front of your computer.. but don't think of it as a box on a desk... think of it as though your in the pilot seat of a very powerful machine that can take your mind to some of the most distant places and excentric ideas. Such is the power of the machine.
Someday blip will convert to flv or some other service will shine down upon me and people will actually be able to see my movies. But.. I have a flash version here for now.
Images from Past... I have a variety of me sitting like this in different shots. Not exactly the same position but similar. Ugh. I need to print more of these.
Old images of Joy...

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