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Phantom Toe Pain

December 22, 2006 Friday Phantom Toe Pain

If I were ever to become a  millionaire I would have
to try and keep it a secret. Only, I suppose that is
a bit difficult with so much information being exposed
about me everyday. mmmmm The reasoning behind the
secret would be simliar to those old fairy tales where
someone meets some poor old lady asking for a favor of
some kind. And one charactors disregardes the person and
moves on. And another person actually trieds the old lady
kindly and she turns into some sort of magical princess
and then rewards the person for their kindness.

Yeah, That's about right. I'm sure I could pull that one
off given no one knows. but again, how can a secret like
that be kept if everything is obvious?

1:41 PM

Phantom Toe Pain
It kep waking me up every hour to hour and a half during
the night. My 2nd Toe on my right foot really hurt.
Icy Numbing and sharp pain that I couldn't stand.
And I'm finally appoarchinga time where I'm going to
get up and I realize.... that nights ago I had kneeld
down with the tops of my feet agaisn't the ground and
something happened to my right foot. Some sharp pain
that run all through it. And then I realized maybe I
pulled, or pinched or did something to a nerve in
the toe. So, when I touch my toe it feels numb as compared
with my other toes.
Now I don't think I want to walk anywhere. Or if anything
I should just ride the bike and try to stay off of it.
With luck it will heal by the end of break.

5:31 PM
I send out e mails. No replys.
I place calls. No returns.
Truely, I must be under the false impression that
I actually know people. When I think about others who
really do know people I take pause.

7:21 PM
I went out and got another shot. The fire one.
So it's been a productive day as far as getting
movie clips. As for other things? Not so much.

9:54 PM
Dang. I missed a call I wanted to get. Oh well.
I'm back indoors again and gradually warming up
things. Luckily my sore toe doesn't keep me from
riding my bike. I figure the ride prevents excess
movement from hurting it further.

11:14 PM
Rendering the effects for the Xmas Gift Card is taking
quite a while.
And the Net Library won't let me upload images right now.
So... I have to go through another channel.

A shot from a movie I'm making. What I looked like nearly 16 years ago. Another shot from a movie I'm making. Did I post this already?

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Anonymous said...

Cool Drawing, hope your toe pain is all gone.... take it easy.


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