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December 10, 2006 Sunday 1:53 PM Site Upgrade

I always write. And that's still true.
That doesn't mean it always winds up on line.... right away.
Or if given circumstances have reduced the likeliness then
I tend to other things. But I like to keep the on and off line
journal in sink.

2:15 PM
Whoa. Looks like I have a lot of redesigning to do with my blogs.
But with this recent 'new' upgrade blogger has done. It's going
to be very cool and very easy and I"m almost glad I didn't do it

.... later much later ....

Welp, I'm staying up to take care of things. Nearly done with all papers.
And I updated my blogs to a new format. VERY nice back end now.
Just have to tweak a few template things. But there is genearly more.
Or more like I shattered the content into it's respectiable places.

The links were spread accross the top. Not much is there but once there
is stuff there it will be very easy to see say the lastest movies...
or find the actually 'nice' writings.
This should make it more likely that someone would find me and hang around
for more than just one visit.

That's nice.

I'm going to try a formating test now.


It's LATE and the CLACKING of the KEYBOARD is heard
through out the hollow dark place.

  Man, I wonder if this page is going to format how
  I want it to. mmmmm.

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