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Struck in a Rut

December 9, 2006 Saturday 10:33 PM Struck in a Rut 

With a headache I get back up to start up on 
the paper writing. The only good thing is that this
is the final paper of my class. And almost all the other
writing is done. 

So this is it. I stay up and finish as much of this as possilbe
and I wake up happy for once.

I've been down lately. I believe the technical term would be 'funk'
But hey, I'm no language technition.

I contemplate the script ideas. I'll gather my creative energies
after class gets out and see what I can do that 'might' get attention.
It would be better to have a sight redesign. Or have designs ready to 
be placed on a 'real' hosting machine. 

Recently, I haven't been writing much due to the academic fatigue
and the mild depression. And then there was a refactoring of the
blog entries over to googles new beta which took a good long while.
I'm told posting is much faster now and more able to rival other 
blogging services. 

Almost all of my personal work has come to a halt until FINALS
leave me alone. Once I am past this semseter 'given that I pass'
I will be over the hump of college. In my opinion these are the last
of the really hard courses. And now the shift is towards wrapping up
class and stabilizing the economic self. 
Course it was always like that but now there is going to be much much
more time after Spring 2007. The rest of classes are scattered.

Where am I going to live? And who with? Someday I'll have my nice little
single out somewhere. And I'll never have to worry about apartment mates

"Once you finish that paper my friend, your worries over, your troubles end"

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