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Untold Day

December 16, 2006 Saturday Untold Day

It's untold because I didn't write about
the time I spent with my friend today.


At 5:00 AM on December 16, 2006 I am typing this message from my iBook laptop running unbuntu and having the text directly appear on my G5. It is probabily the coolist thing I have ever done with a network... and now I can finaly type directly onto my G5 with out having to set directly in front of the computer. If I was the only one living here right now I would have yelled and danced around and made the machien play music. But instead I excitedly danced a bit then wrote this message. !!! cool !!!!! Exciting !!!! Welcome to Chris World FINALLY made it to the top of a google search!!!! I'm so proud. I kept checking back to it here and there. And it wasn't really up there until now. I hope it stays. But why does this strange post also show up? I should go back and edit the page for typos. If google found it it's worth fixing. Whoa... after some clicking.. I didn't know I had a page like this.. Some kind of blip over view I guess Google Showed me Stuff about me that I didn't even know. Thank you google. The search "chris world" out of 182 million pages brings my world up on the second link. Now if only I can fix the titling... And the search "welcome to chris world" find me out of 29 million. And then I searched "chris stones" and the bunny movie is 2nd while the blog shows up as 4th. out of 1,730,000 results. I guess I'm just one in a million, huh? I'm glad that all the stuff I'm putting up over these past months is earning me a place in google search history. Like I said.. I hope I stay. And I think that this break I might begin to unfold a story that has been going on for some time.

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