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Where I Grew Up Mov: Duel Video Tracks

December 30, 2006 Saturday 12:07 AM Where I Grew Up Mov: Duel Video Tracks

(It will look like a white box unless you have the codec)
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Or if for someone reason you can't do that there may be a flash embedded video further down.
I discuss why I sometimes edit with AvidFreeDV instead of iMovie.
UGH. I finally did it. I fially got AvidFreeDV audio to work. FINALLY! 2 video tracks. yes. 5:38 PM In my schedule it is only daylight for a few hours. That's why I make sure to ride out to enjoy the light. Though some would be taken a back in shock at how my day only begins a few hours before sunset. I know I'm sleeping when I need it and waking up when my body wants to. The rest of time spent awake is maxiumaly productive. That is if there isn't any footage that needs daylight. ... Where I Grew Up I sat there playing with my bike keys while waiting for my burrito to arrive. I thought about where I grew up. And it wasn't my home town. If anything, I grew up here in Arcata. The place where I had real friends for once. I know I'm not exactly people based. I speculate that it got that way from my experience back in La Canada Flintridge. I see now in retrospect that those whom even hadd the utternence 'friend' attached were more exploitive than I could see at the time. At the time I knew of nothing better. Now, I can finally see the complete evil that plauged my earlier years. So much so, was this growing ambivlence towards people that when prompted to write in 'best friend' on a school pushed journal assignment in elementary school I wrote down my pet rat. I must have suspectied that the one person whom I knew that kept hanging out with me wasn't really a 'friend' more like a subvert bully. And these mere beginings continued through high school only to grow worse the more I tried to walk the line between social and antisocial. The age of high school was the age of unrequited love and painful memories that just continued the nightmare. When I think now about how others grew up and what they did and spoke of I notice the distinct difference between their stories. They had people in them. They were people based. They showcased their adventures in interaction both good and bad but always that was the thing... socialble people for better or for worse they were that way. And I would stand so far back so I could ignore all the sea of society around me. A sea of humings about who goes out with who and stupid sex jokes of the kinds you hear in high school. I would have none of it. And I would be better for it. I thought. ... And today as I played with my keys I would sit back and wonder if so much has really changed. I have been inducted a bit more lavaisly into the social world. It was for a time I was quite distracted then suddnely I was through out.. or perhaps I threw myself out... but I'd rather say I threw 'it' out. For 'it' was never my locus or my driving force. And now as I lay back in my lair, in my solidtued still recalling this mess of a past I realize. It wasn't until college that I had people stories of the kinds I would even 'want' to think of. It wasn't until now that I got to ride bikes out at night while laughing with friends. If anything, I finally got to experience the good side of people.. for a time... And in doing so I realized I had not grown up in my 'so called' home town... but here... in the city between the forest and the sea.

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