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The Coldest Night.

January 10, 2007 Wednesday The Coldest Night.


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Still intermission.
How is it that I can fall asleep last last night at 3 am by accident.... But when I try to repeat that falling asleep last night I can't do it.. and lay in bed for hours... then wake up back at 3pm? What gives? I'm trying here. It's no use. 4:52 PM Oh so I 'do' have a package to pick up. I just got back from bookstore and library. It rained on me. Very cold and sleety. Net is down at the moment. ... oh it's just a rounter problem. Reset worked. ... oh wait still messed up. mmm 5:19 PM What is the substance of your world? The choices you have made? The memories you have? Your bias and logics? What? I think I want my movies to be more thought provoking. There's a place for humor here and there. There is a place for a lot of things but... if I was trying ot brand something... I would aim for thought provoking. ... Now how do I do that? .. 5:35 PM Currently reading docs for SL client viewer. It's a good thing I was in telecomm as well as I join in right when they made the viewer open source. 9:21 PM I have so many problems compiling from source. The last time I really tired was blender. And I'm bound to go back to that. I really want my own compiled version. But still sadely, I think the only thing.. I succesffuly compiled was OpenAL and something else I can't remember. That's real bad. I really want the skill but apparently don't know enough about the thing to get it. Or my system is just not supported on teh same level as others. I wind up in so many issues on my system. Dang. ... later ... my hands almost refuse to time this. I"m like at 20 wpm now. Way below my usual 80 wpm It was really really cold outside. (I checked back again and it was even 'below' that.) I didn't realize it was that cold and I spent about an hour in it. My nose was numb.. it was a freezer. Literally. ... I stepped onto the feild and noticed something was different. It was more.. resistant. And then as I walked out to this metal hurtle and tried to move it, it felt stuck. And I looked down into my hand with my flash light and found ice. And I shined the light over the feild and it was as though someone had littered diamonds all over the whole thing. They sparkled and the stars above them sparkled. If it wasn't for the blistering cold I would have enjoyed it... course if that happened there wouldn't be anything to enjoy. ... I threw my mini flashlight and it spun flashing light and looked really cool. I'll note that for future reference. --- working into the morning of the next day Almost done with the composition. Friends dropped in and caught me by surprise. I was hoping we weren't being too loud for my upstairs living dweller like person. We prob. were unless he's a heavy sleeper.

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