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End of Break Mov: Irony

January 15, 2007 Monday 9:21 PM End of Break Mov: Irony

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Irony. Say you don't put up movies when you do.
The universe must be agaisn't me at the moment. Power went out in my room just along enough to halt my work on the movie and reset the net connection. So it's not connecting right now. ... Now nothing is work. I got this call on my machine that said net service was going up tommorrow. ? Could this be some greater problem? Why did the power go out earlier? ... well now that the net is down I can't post what I made anyway. Best to give it a rest.... after one more try. ... maybe a net repeater went down. 10:14 PM ah, now it works. .. Will thoughts ever come back 'into' the writing? Or will the text be doomed to second pest as the menace of 'movietizing' continues.

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