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Failed Movie Composition

January 13, 2007 Saturday 9:55 PM Failed Movie Composition

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[The movie composition failed to work] Dang. That really gets me. Not only does it take an hour to render. But it didn't work. And i tired it 2 times. Audio syncing problems. It ruined everything. And so for the first day of this year .... no movie. ... Compositions take a very long time to render. I calculated it was going to take an hour for just 2 minutes of footage. (This was fast rendering footage) too. .... Will I always be doomed to mess things up? I feel all bad now. I happened to have lost my temper a bit earlier and now I feel sad. Well then, there just always has to be something to get me down right when I'm going to go hang out with someone tommorrow. There always is something.

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