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Hard Sometimes

January 11, 2007 Thursday 8:01 PM Hard Sometimes

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Still intermission eh. Hey I think it half counts as a movie. C'mon.
... I read things in the news. And it worries me. But mostly I get a little depressed. And wonder what will come of things. Then I grow tired. And I can't stand the nightmare that is the waking world sometimes. Well, only a nightmare when I read about what is going on out there. In my opinoine the real world isn't a very comfortable place to be. .... if your thinking about things that is. ... 9:29 PM Intermission movies could be a lot of things. Sort of like a impressionistic thinking. 34 seconds uploads the fastest. And I don't spend time waiting for the code tags. If there was anyway to make shorter to the point, more graphical, more musical movies... Maybe I shoudl take that road. When other things get hard this seems easyier... not as stressing.

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