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January 20, 2007

January 20, 2007 Saturday 1:09 AM

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Weekends mean [Intermission]
I just found out I may have a job after all. This comes around the time I'm going 'man I really like this ability to work on my homework and wonder around a bit' And I can visit all these cool people whom work here and there. And how I was sort of nervous but glad that I didn't have a job with 18 units class work on top of it. .. plus my own movie ambitions. .... So now how is my week going to work? 4:26 PM

The Net has been Down

I got up to find the net was down here. thinking it it might be a local problem I decided to venture out to check my e mails elsewhere. And it turns out that even in the HSU library the net was down. Which means the problem is fairly large... and fairly widespread. Later, I was told there a was a fire down south and it would be a while before any sort of connection returned. This is part of the reason I accept the fact I may be late with a movie but as long as it winds up as a movie on every day that there is a page... I'll be fine with it. 9:48 PM Though it annoys me knowing I missed my schedule. I can't be blamed for the net going down and having to wait to post things. All I can do is make the stuff and wait until things are back up. ... Since this is a wide spread problem it must be alterning the normal social traffic down at the 'J' ... which might mean there are more people doing different things than they normaly would had it not happened.... intersting. My room is a little to warm for me to want to venture out into it all however. ...... well later.. I did anyway. And the dorms didn't seem much different. Though I happened to walk into a game of 'catch a phrase' with some older residents from Creekview. It was fun. Though I left in sort of an akward way.

Could this be my schedule? Maybe maybe not. Not sure yet.


Viannah said...

you're taking 6 classes AND working? Sheesh, man. Also, what do those abbreviations mean (like "VB" and "Gnader COMM")? Tell us (me, anyway) more about your classes in a post. I'm interested.

Sirhc Senots said...

I'll explain the abbr. later.


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