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Losing Ground

January 29, 2007 5:37 PM Losing Ground

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How can I not comment on this?
The debate will always rage on I suppose. The time trials of work in the battle of character verse temporal demand. I speak again of the movie production time requirement. It's much. Perhaps, too much and the added stress has caused mention of the topic a couple of times. Who am I to justify myself against bitter blows of temptation to stop and what that would mean for my dear sense of self? Truly, it is time to re-eval my video quest. And question my original motives. For in them, I may find exactly what I stand and stand not for. Which do I deny? For whom? me? I get to review my life. Don't I? Others do. But why? The boxes of my life May not permit The creative at my leisure What dies then? Live to my ideals? Or am I so lost. What then? Do I deny? Academic shackles? or My Ambitious self? .. I almost wasn't going to have a movie for today. The end of movie making was upon me. The end of a dream was approaching and the longest run I've had... well since June 06 was going to be killed. But with luck Joy showed up and it was something a bit more than ordinary. 9:56 PM I am so tired from today. My days are long. And pulling through them takes a whole lot of rest. So, I should claim my tasks done and lay down. It's going to be a long day tommorrow.


Joy said...

I love the way you ended it on a natural lull! I think it worked well... oh and who's the hot female? ;-)

Viannah said...

Awww!!!!! I miss you, Chris! Joy kinda reminds me of me.


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