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Mov: Color Animation

January 17, 2007 Wednesday 3:20 PM Mov: Color Animation

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Someone asks, "How do you make colors change in animation?" Well here's how you do it with Blender. (
How is my grade like the weather? They're both below zero. Too bad I thought of that one too late. The Comm classes are now pretty chanlleging. Doing proofs for Computation Theory shouldn't be too bad on the account that Shawn is there. He already helped me to understand some non-determinsitc automata. Computational Theory sounds interesting. I hope I get some good use out of it. And I think it's important for simluations. I heard the dooms day clock was moved forward by 2 minutes. Ack. 3:55 PM I'm glad I walked by the science class and spotted Rey. I wanted to message her but myspace was having problems. I met Einar a starting out Industrial Technology fellow. So, that's the only class I have yet to be in. So far... COMM 108 prob has the most work. Comp. Theory prob has the hardest comprehension work. And everything else falls under those.. though I don't know what the IT course will be like nor the History course. 4:51 PM Why are jokes funny? And why are some not? That is a question I should do some philosophy work on.

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