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Movie: Cold, Codec and Color

January 16, 2007 Tuesday 10:43 PM Movie: Cold, Codec and Color

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It isn't as educational as one would hope. But I try to answer someone's questions about color in Blender as well as settings for compression.
Well that is a first day of class for ya. I seem to still be doing well with the 'movie reflex' I suppose my day can have shooting and editing as part of it. The latter part with time between class for homework and perhaps writing ideas. Perhaps, if I can keep this up for a month or so I'll have finally built my reflex the way I always wanted. So what to do for tomorrows movie? And while the upload process goes on I can write in here. I have so much time between classes. It's sort of annoying. I suppose I can read the books for class in that time and then when I finally come home for the day I'll shoot the movie and edit and post and write in journal and then repeat the process. That works right? I'm getting used to the cold. But that doesn't mean I don't want it to go away. I'd prefer to have the clear warm days back. Seeing Tricia all wrapped up for warmth all the time keeps reminding me that it's really cold. I've just been in the cold so long that I can't really tell.

It is cold. Very cold. Very very cold.

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