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January 14, 2007 Sunday 6:15 PM Movie Devil Sync

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This audio syncing problem is the devil. Luckily I managed to figure it out only after 'several' hour long test renders. Blaw. This movie may not make much sense to people or the moral of it. But basicially the offset button in the movie settings panel of the texture buttons is for shifting which frame the movie should play first. NOT where the start of the movie in your timeline is... go figure.
Today goes well. Accept I may have looked overly excited to see someone when I shouldn't. But how am I suppose to stop myself from being happy to see people? So, I was out apparenty shopping with T. T. prefers sliver as opposed to gold is Lac. Intolreant very competivtive has a photo in a magazine 'The just friends aspect of chris' still has a strangle hold over me. Who could possily make me ditch that? Even if half my body would prefer it. I joked about the thing on the way home, well I went to the store first to pick up food. 25 dollars. Or just under that. I hope J. is okay now and smiling again. I dropped by her place but did not find her. ... Too bad I can't shake this somewhat heavy mood. Dang, though spending time out with someone did help. I come back home and the weight drops down unto my shoulders again. .. 8:40 PM

The Worst...

this has been the worst project in the history of me attempting to do projects per day. I've tried repeatly to sync audio but time after time it fails to work. I can not think of anything else to try. I am out of options.. and I'm irritated by not being able to put something up.

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