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Movie: Digital Addiction

January 9, 2007 Tuesday Movie: Digital Addiction

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Eh, after watching the final thing I realize the point isn't very well made. There needed to be a more well thought out explanation. I think it is just another case of the 'blind sighted by' how much I wanted to put a CG clip in context. ... Eh. I'll come back after some practise with compositions.
I'm so back and forth on the whole movie-a-day thing it's killing me. So much for year 2007's movie run. What was that like 9 days? Fair enough. I want to spend more time programming py in blender. And make graphics go with music. So, I'm thinking composition practise in the future. ... though if I cont. to make them during the 'intermission' I'll merely be getting ahead. .. mmm if the number of movies I make this year reaches 365 I'll call that a fair approximation of everyday... since the average would be a singularity.

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