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Movie: Google Search

January 25, 2007 Thursday Movie: Google Search

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When someone asks me a question I sometimes try to answer it... but I always want to teach a man to fish... I mean 3 fish and a guy. Or something. Eh whatever... make with the fish, will ya?
Ideas of the Day Civil Mind The human mind has it's limits. We know this right? But what sort of limits are those? Could it be short sighted variable watching capacity? No one can really look very far ahead in a complex multivariable system. I'd like to call that system humanity.. or society. Or that thing that people argue over because no one really knows 'the answer' What reforms will work? What will policies really do? It makes me wonder.. if human beings and their brains can really 'solve' the humanity problems. Or perhaps we can't seem to evolve fast enough to overcome the risk of failure. Rude Task Switching Apparently, all the quick back and forth task switching I do at work carries over to the rest of my life. I think it created a 'rude situation' that I would later have to analyze. I sat between to females. I spoke to both of them. I switched abruptly. And noticed my mistake. I suppose I would rather not go into the matter further here. But the fact that Oh yeah, I found out Heathers name as well as MarEsa (spelling?) I saw her at the Depo (cashier) I saw her in class and then in the depo talking to someone. So now I know her name. 9:07 PM Ah, I'm reminded of batman. "Why do we fall Bruce? So that we can pick ourselves up" And that sums up my trail runs with this router.
A clear day walking on a field. I like to think in big open places. (And sometimes run with my eyes closed.)


Viannah said...

Can I just say that that is an awesome picture of you? It's inspiring.

Sirhc Senots said...

I like the the fields.


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