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Movie: Handy Volume

January 23, 2007 Movie: Handy Volume

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Ever wonder what the volume of your hand is?
Welp, net is down AGAIN. This time the Modem is TKO. Don't break the little sticker that protects the Reset button on the Modem. 'You'll regret it' unless you know what it means. I'm on a tight time schedule and set back that use up time are a no no when it comes to following it. I just happened to be calculting that I have at min 3 hours time avaible for each class in which to fufili class work. I know not whether that is enough time to actually accomplish Luckily I have real helpful parents whom actually are the ones signed up for the net. So it wasn't 'too' long before it worked again.. though it seemed like ages. Thinking.. eh I might not have a working connection for a long time. -- phew full days these days and much calculation is required. ... later... I keep forgetting how much of a twist it is for me when I have to shift gears due to the whole edit one movie into a preview and tack it onto the movie from the night before. Ack. I've gone into over time. I think it's because I lost some hours trying to repair my net connection. (No the router doesn't work... very well) So, I'm directly connected. And now I look over at what else I have to tend too and I'm already 24 minutes into tommorrow. I don't even want to write out that idea I had today. Course I suppose all those procrastinations start here. Or perhaps I should say delays. Delays of the sort you find when it's late... you want a break.. but there is just still more to be done... an it's really in your best interest (though you don't know it) to finish those sorts of things. As long as I can spot those moments (like now) where I stop and put off or just do and then sleep. I'll know that I can place myself on the right track. I haven't nailed everything down for this semester yet... but prelimary time analysis indicated that the schedule is at least 'feasible' ... the stress I get comes from trying to hold up to my own ideals while still managing a academic and CDC work load. How can I manage? I think the question is How awake can I be and still manage?

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