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Movie: Into the Past

January 6, 2006 Saturday Movie: Into the Past

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I'm trying out other blog services but still not sure if I like them or not. 1:02 AM It's funny how once I finally decided to do previews on my movies I was more willing to create the next one. Because in order to post the last one I need to edit on a preview. And I like to make previews. They are the funnest part of the whole indever. So now when I make something called "The Q List" (Q as in queue) I think I may actually do them. Having extra movies ready is a must in order to keep the regularity. Can I do it? I hope better than last semester.

Watching. I smoothed out the face and added checks. It's a bit more rounded. From the past... One time I went home and sat on my porch.

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