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Movie: It's a New Year

January 1, 2007 Monday 3:40 PM Movie: It's a New Year

(It will look like a white box unless you have the codec)
Though I think the newest version of quicktime actually finally supports it... I'm not entirely sure. So if there is trouble viewing. Try getting VLC
or with QuickTime Xvid Codec
Or if for someone reason you can't do that there may be a flash embedded video further down.
I think I made a mistake in the numbering but eh, I wanted to commemorate the simple tradition with simple tools.
When people put an Xcode project in a src release could they 'please' copy all the files into the project and not just 'link' to the files. 5:57 PM There was a power out last new years so I guess I didn't realize how many things would be closed anyway. 6:20 PM thought it is using up all my computers processing power I smile in quiet achievement. I'm exporting 57 minutes of video (not even all of it) to a tape. I guess I have to watch for errors and freezes but for better or for worse it's getting off the harddrive and onto tape. Maintainence like this is probabily going to become routine if i increase my pace of movie production. I realized right before I began the export that it was going to be doing this for an hour and then I was like... whoa. Well that's when it hit me. The fact I had done so much. And I wasn't going to risk watching a movie at the same time. So what was I going to do for this hour? Eh, I'll go back dinner and watch Chris World! I guess. 6:42 PM It's a good thing I'm watching. I'm running into some major problems. 9:00 PM There is a miss numbering in my years... or perhaps I need to establish a naming protocal. I think I maybe missing a New Years movie. Perhaps, I recorded it but I still haven't fished it out yet. 11:24 PM I've been reading up on the art of blogging And started thinking to myself.... Who are my readers? I suppose if I hunch over, place my fist on my chin and wrinkle a brow I could figure it out. I think it would be tricky though... since the areas I want to highlight and draw attention to are sort of all over the place. I've got the standard chronological 'this is my day' type entry. From time to time (generally after something emotional or thoughtful) I have more written out posts. You can spot them here and there... When I was thumbing through those old posts I could pick them out by their tone. It's a little less matter-of-fact and more artistically drawn out. But those entries are sparse. Speaking of sparse, so are the movies from time to time. And in them we find a whole new mash up of the things I do. I've got CG clips here and there. I've got movie tips (not so much lately) I've got musicals (on occasion) I've mathematics sparsely.... So who exactly is coming to read? And still... who exactly is coming to watch? I didn't intend the youtube postings to collect subscribers. It's a blessing and a curse. For one, I didn't want people seeing the movies through youtube. I wanted them to come here. But now that I know when I post to the tube people get them and watch... I keep doing it though I'd rather move onto just blip or revver. ... But still... who are they? I think a cross section maybe technical types, with a interest in producing movies of their own and working with blender3d. Beyond that... And beyond the people whom know me in real life... I really can't say. I may as well just have to ask. wink wink eh.. maybe people who love spelling mistakes.

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