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Movie: Liz in Brief

January 19, 2007 Friday 8:46 PM Movie: Liz in Brief

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Why it's Liz! I very briefly show off footage of Liz. K.
I ran 402.3 meters in 88 seconds that's 4.57 m/s or 10.06 mph My day is long, I've been tired. I have a headache. But I still truge forward. The day had a lot of turns. From walking down town to getting a ride back. To running laps, and signing up for the gym. To petting small dogs. Discussing Finite Automata. And getting a free Snickers. Seeing Shrine. Seeing Liz. Seeing Reb. Yep. That is one big day. .. 9:01 PM Course I saw Ben in the Student store and I realized he would be a good person to run a weekly show with. So, a Friday show is 'the show' the rest of teh days are just days and the weekends are Intermissions. 11:06 PM Still, I finish a brief movie about Liz. Very brief. I'm somewhat calm and in a writing sort of mood. It's been a long and tiring day. .... The writingins really take a hit when I spend so much time editing movies. I've been meaning to meet up with Ben this weekend to discuss how we could perhaps team up to produce some material. I personally want him to be involded with the new weekly show. A sort of culmination of Chris World into a time and place that people can attend and perhaps get involded. If I had just one other person. 'such as him' then I think it would all that much better. Though earlier in the day I was painfully tired... nearly dozing while just sitting I still followed along with Shawn as we went over Computational Theory Homework Problems. Most homework ought to be done during the day... since I reserve filming for as soon as I get home. It really has to be a big part of the day in order to pull things off. Still going strong though. I liken the posting of movies nightly to the way the journal started out back in June 1999. Then too as it is now... I stress the building of the reflex. Not quite knowing where to go with the journal I kept writing and it grew easier by the day. Today, I think nothing of it. This made it extrondinarly convienet when it came time to begin an 'on line version' I knew I had a rock solid regiment. (that's something a lot of people don't have) And I knew it would be every day. Because it always had been. So it was a good shift.

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