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January 22, 2007 Monday Movie: Movie Notes

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It's time to discuss some of the thought processes behind my movie making. What was I thinking?
I realize that when I say "I'll see you Monday." in a movie it doesn't mean 'monday' but the next day since I post at the end of a day. Every entry is thus one day late even when I put it up on that day.
Adding this side bar image should draw more attention to the fact I make movies. If you wanted to find out more about the movies and less about textual life detials. 5:45 PM My first 1.75 hours on the job. I read and noted Moodle Guidelines. I was a little... flustred but it felt good. The same day I go in to have all the forms filled out... was the same day I walked in later to tend to opening business. I understand almost all of the material and I think I can quickly learn the rest. So it feels good. That was about 10 dollars or so after tax and after other things. I noted that I could ping the DNS servers. And then I filled in that information (I got it from the Eth Modem) And it worked. so in the future I'll know that those numbers may need to be reset. -- To Someone -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was like... I bought this 60 dollar router (it's like a bus station for computer traffic) and it wasn't working. I was expecting plug and play and instead I got plug and frustrated. And after spending... I don't know about an hour maybe more... I managed to make it work. and so out of triumph I am typing this message. And to think.. there always comes that point where I'm about to give up... but I get this funny feeling that if only I would keep going.... And IT WORKED! I managed to verify that my router was not dead. That's what I was beginning to worry about. Anyway, I can understand about classes. In fact.. I finally managed to get a job! I started today. It's perfect for me.. so far. And I have great expectations for it. Only thing is my classes could use those 15 hours. It's really too bad you couldn't bee in 309 this semester. the class is pretty cool in the way that it's set up. well actually the prof. is trying out a new teaching method and so I"m in the guinea pig class where we present material to each other and it's very at your pace. So, I'm liking the concept and if you had been in it too it would have been cool to come to class and discuss ideas twice a week. Oh well. *sniffle Yeah, I er um signed a liability sheet for the new gym like place and someone is showing me how to do stuff prob. this weekend. I think I owe you some thanks. After meeting you I felt encouraged to start attempting to work out and stuff. So thank you for inspiring me. Anyway, take care and don't work too hard. -chris ps - do you like hot chocolate? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9:19 PM Wait no. Not fixed. mmmm getting trickyer. This router business is apparnlty very very back and forth. Will it be down again? Soon? I know not. I hope not. The whole ordeal has chewed up a lot of my time tonight. 11:46 PM I don't really trust the net connection right now so I really hope the movie uploads alright. Seriously. 11:58 PM The week is tough. And it's a lot to schedule. prob for group projects... too. But I think it's fufiling. And in the right direction if I can pull it off.

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