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January 5, 2006 Friday 1:26 AM Movie: Video Overlay

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How do you add CG effects to your clips Chris? Well, I use Blender from and these are the steps to getting version 2.42a to put whatever you want into your video.
It's starry out and moonlite.. but very very cold. I don't know if I would enjoy a walk enough if I'm that cold. But the brightness and the stars would have been a good draw had it not been for the frosty bite. 2:52 AM When most people visit websites they don't quite get how much work goes into making them. How much work goes into the production of items for consumtion everyday. How many hours it takes to produce movies. It's an investment of time that I feel that someday, when I've finally gotten all the quirks out of my own movie making process... I may someday get to say.. hey look I have a site with all these views per day! Finally, then I'll feel more motivated to produce knowing that what I produce is actually helpful. 4:43 AM CONTROL U -save user defaults (nice) i was wondering about that. and CONTROL LeftClick for lasso 8:57 PM I'm not used to doing a movie in advance. I get confused with the preview editing and then I lose where the old file is. I haven't really gotten everything down yet.... I hope I will someday.

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