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January 26, 2007 Friday Mov:Just an Announcement

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I announce the fact I do shows on Friday now. Filming Fridays!
Hunt Pants? Whoa. Hunting Pants Web Commerical Bizare. Truely bizare. 7:00 PM The activities of the week have purely drained me. I am tired of it all. And now I have my answer to teh question, "What is my week like with the addition of work?" I have already seen the benefits of such a thing. Though I admit I have seen the trials as well. And I with all my weightly and ethearl ideals am still stuck in the muck of a mess that is this world. Why do I push forward? And still am destined to fall back? Why do I put myself through the grinder when things would just be so much easier if I stuck to the academic work? I would have enough time wouldn't I? I coudl think again, right? I could think those thoughs unbrideled. And sleep a restful sleep. When I wanted it, and not when it was direly needed. .... Now I have to ask what really works? Will I simply get used to the load? Or will I fold? I'm tired. But when I laid to rest... I could not fall asleep. No delta waves for me I suppose. Nor even REM. ... So I get back up. Lights not on to keep the dark. A place where the world does not intrude. And parts of me, those little aspects that tinge at the thought of re-entering that 'world' again. Those parts speak but with soft murmers. As I tend to let that 'social' place go. The fortrass of my blankets still can not keep out the incessant world forever. And so I re-awake into this place.... but perhaps not quite yet. ------- 10:19 PM It's been a long hard day. And a long night of rest will be lovely. But I find quiet typing to be soothing too. Sort of nice. You know I already realize the improvement in my computer skills from 11 hours of work. I can really manage the programs now. I think the experience so far has been good for me. And with luck it will incrase my marginal propinsety to code stuff. Which is a very very good thing.


Viannah said...

I hope your week was okay I would've come to your ChisWorld In Person thing if I wasn't across the country! I'm glad you do this site cause it helps me feel close to you... even though now that I've said that I realise it's probably not reciprocal....... sorry. >_<

Sirhc Senots said...

Awww Vi


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