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January 31, 2007 Wednesday My World

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Why did I put up a impressionistic movie about poetry? Eh, Whatever.
I had it fully loaded but then accidently closed the browser. Dang. Ideality the movie. I hear it took 3 years to make. The World of Thought If I was asked to describe what it was. It would be the world of thought. The world of mine, of my idea, of my take, of my interpretation. The ideas span from physics to social culture and the art of thinking itself. Vast is it's scope and range. I walked along in the bottom of the 'J' A place that I once could walk as a resident of HSU housing. I walked there today to obtain some treats to take my mind of the pressures of the day. The Cupboard as it is known was not yet open and I did my usual thing. Well, the usual thing I do when I have to wait for something. ... I'd walk about and think. I began to describe to myself what 'Chris World' was. I think it began with the notion that within the 320 by 240 pixeled frame I had absolute control and power. I mused about my old time favorite power. Stopping time. Within the thin veil of pixels from which I am able to behavior omnipotently I can re-analyze re-emphasize and re-spin all aspects of my life should I chose to do so. Visual powers not yet unlocked have yet to come. It's all there when I imagine it upon my out strenghed hand. If you were watching will I ventured through my session you would notice some whisphers, the hand gestures some turnings and twistings. And any normal social being might obstain. They would worry over their 'image' in public I suspect. And so I suppose they should for they are the concerned lot. The ones whom haven't quite figured out where they are. And I know where I am. I'm in here. It's a good place. Sometimes I think a better place but those thoughts bank upon unhealth eventualy I suspect. This isn't by my rubric though. Regardless, it's all locked away. I thought till someday when the world of my ideas would meet reality in such a way as when the programs control metal hands and ideas turn to more important matter. When I look I see my ideas laid upon the world. Someday you'll see that way too. As soon as I get around to showing you. 10:00 PM And then later Joyfish was around and she tried in vain to teach me how to drive a stick. This wasn't your odrinary stick.


Dad said...

Okay, first of all
"uthemexlfeh" is not a word. Sure, I get that I have to type in the series of letters to prove I'm not a computer program trying to spam you, unless I was a really smart program like a Borg, but it shouldn't say "type the word" I'm just sayin'.

Anyway, your movies are great but it always bugs me that the narration quality changes when you go to the screen. I know why it does but maybe you should record your screen narration with the camera mic so that it flows.

Movie textures was great. The sidekick is a nice addition.
Have some soup.

Sirhc Senots said...

It bugs me too. And I've thought of that. But the iSight mic really is higher quality. And when I get to that point I'm in 'edit-on-computer-mode' not film stuff mode.

I know what you mean about that word stuff I had to decode the image with my extraordinary powers of pattern recognize brain hardware to find out that it said sszbnlr good thing I know how to use a SizzBlar otherwise I'd be completely lost.


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