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January 21, 2007 Sunday 11:46 AM Net Withdrawal

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I wake up. No internet still. .. 6:25 PM the net is back. I feel all flustered about what the job will do to my schedule. And now I have to tabulate the bill from bills though I don't have a water bill yet. And on top of school, job I want to do my things. It just may be 'a bit much' Is it really? After this week I should know. Before the end of the night I have to write a paper, do some video posting and double check cost issues. Blaw. Oh and post and upload other entries. .... I did see Shawn and visit Reb. I got to play on a full size and very expenseive keyboard. It actually senses how hard you hit and adjusts the sound accordingly. Whoa. 9:41 PM Well, I finally got LaTeX to work for me. It was a bit of a scramble. I seem to place it on a equal footing with R as something I'm teaching myself so that I'll have ready for the day I really need it. It reminds me of the way html works and I don't mind so much since I get the idea and if I work at it for a bit I'll be able to type nice type set equations with out thinking. Though it's harder to make them appear in a webpage. ... The big thoughts of the day revolved around Oral Interpreation readings. Then I got this idea for how to explain mathematics. ? I don't know what to call it. I was up and walking around while pretending to be talking to an audience. I was explaining how I thought about mathematics and why 'numbers' were the least important part of the whole thing. I took dancing for example. And noted that if I wanted to think about dancing.. something so far from math.. or about as far away as you could ever get... and I proceeded to demonstrate how mathematical type thinking could take the concepts places. I noted that a body state or position coudl be represented with a set of numbers for XYZ data. And that a dance was a series of sequencal states in a universe of all possible states your body can be put in. I spoke of what a carefully defined concepts on which ideas are built. And the way that those ideas can be clarified and in that action ways of thinking about more complex dancing/mathematical possiblities ensued. I went futher to claim the application of such principles to the matter enabled a vast creative concept network to be created. And in so doing, I discussed how one coudl take ideas proven for the dance mathematics and apply them to robotics construction or even answering the questions behind "What a deer would look like doing the Charlison?" With the ideas expressed in terms of set theory. (name not mentioned to protect the opposed) I began to realize I could lock off all existing dancies and teach the computer to ... well dance. Not jsut that, dances that have never been danced before. ... Later in the day I was walking down stairs still going of such thoughts in my mind. I was thinking about what impossible states were under the laws of physics and what more things would need to be accounted for before a 'succesful dance' could be constructed from a series of states a body could go through. It was so much.. and I barely managed to get much of an outline down. But I knew it was good because I could use my body in my preformance in order to hold attention while I tried to discuss the finer details of the world of mathematics as I have come to see it.

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