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Poetic Thought

January 30, 2007 Tuesday 8:27 PM Poetic Thought

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Brief. Impressionist. Read the blog page it's on to figure out why it is.
Introspection Is fine with me. Only guest can see This inner struggle Which defines me Viewers visit, comments listen but if it's mine It's high time To take my thoughts back No longer for others I should say Thoughts should be minted my way Thoughts suffer As my Aspiriation Hovers Until I reclaim My Reasoning. And spend my time On my toils those I seek from the story of my life. Trails of Text Blazing Trails of text which form my life recals a re-write by day and by night Proceed as I go so deserving of my know Hence, ending before Next day begining Text of my life in thro Whom Never Comes To Bleak to be out waiting for someone whom never comes Cold gray old as liquid time runs frozen as I wait for that someone whom never comes Normal people date? Apparently Not I inherently Must be different in primary extremely of which I have no game? Normal people date I must be abnormality 8:34 PM Poems and Programs I wrote notes on my note book after having waited for someone to show up today. They never did. I tried not to let it get to me. But I'm sure a bit of it managed it's way past my mental deadlocks. It louged itself as a splinter would in the finger of my soul. Wait... wasn't the poeming suppose to stop like a paragraph ago? I thought about the fact I spend some much time in interpreted languages. I though of the blueprint metaphor. I thought about running a web app to write my journal in locally. And finally doing away with the simple text. I'm putting in web realted content anyway. May as well make the transtion. And now that I have a job that has me looking at code for hours. I just might finally transition. I've shunned the web app idea but I realized it was prob. going to be a good place. Especial to orgainzie it all. Local and external links can be put side by side. So it's the best way to keep the data in order to repair after some future massive failure.

1 comment:

Joy said...

i liked the video... clever idea. Who thought of using the wavelength thing as the visual? ;-)
I really did like it. I think the over lay of the vocals adds to the poetic and artistic effect of the poetry itsself.


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