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Sad. Mov:Too Tired

January 12, 2007 Friday Sad. Mov:Too Tired

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I confess. I'm too tired to keep doing this. Whatever will I do? My inner struggle continues.
Sad. As to why? I suppose it's a series of little things. The metal armored plating of my character can not stand up to everything forever. The minus zero degree cold must be getting to me too. .... I have a feeling people write me off as simpler or as just strange. What is stranger is the ability to brush off things was once much stronger. After a while, that talent grows thin. And then I'd rather be away then to have to stand against the battering ram of the social machine. .... Solitude is a weapon. One of which can reset the clock a bit. But not forever apparently. The long thaw has stopped and may now be reversing. Who am I to stop it? I'm must caught in the current as I watch the larger wave loom over the horizon and I brace myself with nothing more than the twig I'm on. .... ......
eh, Maybe I can't but they won't be useful for people. That is for sure.

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