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Strength of Character Mov: Movie Texture Movie

January 7, 2007 Sunday Strength of Character Mov: Movie Texture Movie

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So you want to put movies inside your blender projects? You can texture movies to surfaces inside of blender and I can show you how to do it.
11:19 PM I have a headache. I ache. I feel a bit sick and I still worry about the preview for the next movie. It's times like these that really test the streght of charactor. It's times like these that tell me who I really am. So far this year I have succeeded at producing a movie everyday. (Theoretically I have one for today) Since given the previews I'm forced to make a movie in advance. It helps to some degree. But I look over my options... I have an idea and have been editing the next movie. But I'm not so sure it is going to come out. And I think.. maybe I could cut a preview before I finish it. (not necessarily a good idea if I want to deliver on my promise plus I would be locked in with what I would have to cover.) If I simply give up and don't do "today's" movie I won't be one ahead and will have to double the work for tommorrow. Or go back to 'no previews' Which I hate because I really really like to make previews. I feel it adds something. I think thorough pushing myself I may be able to gradualy develope a movie sense. In the manner of finding out how to convey a message 'overtly' or explicty. ... oh wait... rather than try to hastily complete 'Change of Perspective' I could put another CG shuffle together. I forgot what number I was on last time though. ... But that itself is sort of a kludge. Man, my strenght of charactor is in trouble. What kind of guy do I really want to be? Do I really want to be that guy whom will stay up 'past time' until all work is done and ready? Or will I fumble and continue to do so because my tendency to handle self induced stressors causes me headaches. The thing is.. since I don't live alone I can't narrate past a certain point at night. This is the biggest flaw in shared living. 11:26 PM One way or another I'm going to bed early tonight. ~later I knew I'd feel better when I finished this. Maybe I'm the guy I want to be after all.

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